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Lost and Insecure

Chapter 7
I searched and searched through my closet and I couldn’t find one thing to wear to the dance. I had 5 hours and I was started to get very aggravated. Spencer walked into my room with her dress on to see what I thought and saw that I didn’t have mine on and asked, “Where’s your dress?”
“I don’t have one.” I answered.
“Bailey, you have a dress for everyday of the week for the whole year, you have to have a dress.” She said.
”I don’t have any I want to wear.”
“Come on.” Spencer said and walked out my room and down stairs. I grabbed my purse and followed her. We drove around town and probably went to 15 different stores before I found the dress I wanted. When we got home I was so tired and I couldn’t feel my feet.
“I never want to look at another dress for the rest if my life.” I said while I lay on my bed.
“Then don’t go in your closet.” Spencer said and we giggled. “Now go put your dress on and we’ll work from there.” I walked into my closet and put on my dress. When I walked back out we did my hair and makeup. I put on some accessories and then we were ready to go. Logan and Jason picked us up and when I got in the car I started to get really nervous. My heart was pounding really fast and I was kind of sweating. I sat next to Jason and he seemed kind of nervous too. We pulled up to the school and when I got out Sebastian was in the car behind us. He stepped out of the car and I could see Mackenzie through the window waiting for him to open the door for her, but he didn’t. I guess he wasn’t lying; he really didn’t want to bring her. That didn’t matter anymore though. I turned my head and laced my arm into Jason’s as we walked toward the school.
“Don’t even pay any attention to that jerk, he doesn’t deserve you anyway.” Jason whispered in my ear.
“Thanks Jason” I said smiling and then squeezed his arm harder.
I was having a pretty good time at the dance and I was really happy I went with Jason. The only part that was making it not good was that every time I turned my head, I saw Sebastian. I wasn’t trying to let him ruin my night, but it was pretty hard to ignore him. In a few minutes they were going to announce the homecoming king and queen and everyone here is sure that they are going to be Mackenzie and Sebastian.
“Excuse me everyone. It’s come the time to announce the homecoming queen and homecoming king.” A boy from student council said on the microphone.
“And the homecoming king is,” he said and then paused to open the envelope, “Sebastian Duke.” What a surprise, I thought as he walked up to the stage smiling and high fiving ever person he walked past. “And the homecoming queen is… Mackenzie Kane.” She walked up blowing kisses to everyone, as if she was famous or something. “Now let’s give the lovely couple their spotlight dance.” The boy on the microphone said. Now you would think that Sebastian would be so happy since he just got homecoming queen, but he didn’t seem like he was. If you looked in his eyes it kind of looked like he was screaming for help. They walked out to the dance floor and they turned on the music. Mackenzie put out her hand for him to grab it, but he didn’t. Instead she wrapped her arms around his neck really tight so he wouldn’t walk away, but he did anyway.
“I can’t do this.” Sebastian said as he pushed her off of him.
“What are you talking about?” Mackenzie asked.
“I don’t like you Mackenzie, I like Bailey. I always liked Bailey, I just didn’t know how to say it.” he said walking over to me. I didn’t know what to do. I came to the dance with Jason and I couldn’t just leave him for another guy, he would never forgive me. Sebastian walked up to me and grabbed my hand. “Would you like to dance with me?” he asked. I turned my head and looked at Jason for the answer.
“Go.” He said smiling.
“Thank you.” I mouthed as I walked out to the dance floor with Sebastian. He wrapped his arms around my back and I out mine around his neck.
“So what made you decide to say that?” I asked him as we danced.
“To be honest, it was kind of a speer of the moment kind of thing. When I saw you with Jason I got really jealous; and being with Mackenzie only made it worse. Plus you didn’t look very happy with him.” Sebastian pointed out.
“You’re right.” I admitted.
“So what made you decide to forgive me?” Sebastian asked me.
“Well I figured since you had the courage to say that in front of everyone the least I could do was give you a dance.” I teased and we both giggled. “I’m glad you said something though. I like a guy that speaks his mind.”
“And I like a girl that doesn’t like guys take advantage of her.” Sebastian said. “Look bailey, I know I messed up but if you’re willing to give me another chance I promise it won’t happen again.”
“Ok, I’ll give you another chance.”

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Lost and Insecure Chapter 7 I searched and searched through my

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