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Interviewer: Frank, what do you bring to the band?   Frank: I don't know, uh... what DO I bring to the band?!   Gerard: Well, I remember first seeing Pencey Prep, and it was in this bar - and I think there was like three people there... There was like nobody there, but I remember watching and basically Pencey Prep played this show like it was full of people. And I remember just feeling like, "Wow, this dude is a great singer and he's a great guitar player, but he's a born performer. This is somebody that is totally MEANT to be onstage and in front of people, like thrashing around." And um, it was always something that we felt like we were missing. You know, like, everybody brings their own kind of heart to the band - he brought this kind of reckless kind of passion that I think really expressed our music. Like, he was kind of like this physical whirling blender, flipping and destroying everything around the stage... So, um, THAT and he's a great guitar player.   Frank: Aww.
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Interviewer: Frank, what do you bring to the band? Frank: I don't

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