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1 in 5 teenagers suffer from depression
Do you still think depression is a joke? How many times did you tell yourself when you were little, when i grow up i want to be... What was your answer? What did all of the people around you answer? How many said they wanted to be depressed? That they wanted to selfharm? That they wanted to starve themselves? That they wanted to die? None right? No one said that?!? Yet people out there say we CHOOSE TO BE THIS WAY? Does that make sense to you? It doesn't to me. No one said they wanted this to happen.... But we asked for it right? We cut for attention? That's why we hide it right? But again, it was our choice... We WANTED to be like this. No no we don't. Never once did i hear, "When i grow up... i want to kill myself" Nothing like that is ever said. So open up, look into people, save them from themself, and DON'T say we EVER wanted to be this way.

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1 in 5 teenagers suffer from depression Do you still think depression

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KT_143 · 1 decade ago
I agree that depression isn't a joke, but some people don't really have a reason to be depressed, if you know what I mean. Some people just aren't happy with the good things in life that they have and unintentionally push themselves into depression. Some just seem to be convinced they have it, but in reality they, and create problems from their minds. I doubt that they mean to, but it's the truth some people do that.
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Eli22b · 1 decade ago
I f.cking love you for this
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rebecca* · 1 decade ago
I especially hate it when people say "If you want to be happy, just be happy. Sometimes bad things happen but just look on the bright side." Yeah well sometimes it's not "bad things" causing it okaY SOMETIMES YOU CAN'T FIND A BRIGHT SIDE TO LOOK AT BUT NOBODY SEEMS TO GET IT.
Thank you for making this okay this is my new favorite quote.
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Alyhoop · 1 decade ago
I totally agree with you. I never said I wanted to be depressed when I was younger, I never thought I would selfharm. But now I am almost 2 years clean from cutting, its not like I don't want to cut but I just learned how to fight my depression. Another thing it took me forever to learn to love myself. This quote really spoke to me and I hope it did the same to others.
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chocomickey14 · 1 decade ago
Dalton, i just wanna say you have some pretty amazing quotes <3
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JustAnotherWittyGuy18 · 1 decade ago
Thank you darling <3
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chocomickey14 · 1 decade ago
You're welcome <3
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