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You get one life. 
One chance. Eighty years, if you're lucky, to explore everything the world has to offer you.  I'm not saying to go and climb Everest or go and climb the Eiffel tower, that's just pretentious. 
But if you have something that you want out of life, if there's something you want to do: please, go and do it. 
I'm not saying it's gonna be easy, I'm not saying it's gonna work. 
But if you wanna be an actress, a singer, a hairdresser, a model, even a waitress, there's nothing stopping you. 
Hope alone gets you nowhere. 
If you sit in your bedroom with your laptop or your computer and you're watching a girl talk about life on Youtube, and you're just hoping for the day that someone's gonna call you out of the blue and present you with this massive opportunity to do everything you ever wanted then you are being delusional. Because it's not gonna happen. 
If you want something, I've learned that you have to go out and you have to get it. It may not work out for you, you may embarrass yourself and humiliate yourself, but you know what? 
Sitting there, as an eighty year old in a hospital bed, saying to yourself, 
"Why did I do that? Why was I stupid enough to try that?" 
Doing that, is much better than being in that same hospital bed thinking, "I wish I'd done that." 
Because at least if you've done something and it fails, you've done it. 
Listen, if there's something you want, it's achievable. You may not be the best. 
It may not work. And you may regret doing it. But at least you won't regret not trying it.
The world is at your feet.
So go and make yourself known.
Make yourself heard. 

One chance....

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You get one life. One chance. Eighty years, if you're lucky,

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