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I'm still here
Chapter One
Present Time
I stuffed the little baggie under my pillow just as my dad was knocking on my door.
"Come in!" I called, trying not to sound like I was up to something.
"Hey, Hall. How does going out for dinner sound? It is your birthday after all. You're only 16 once!"
I smiled, "Sure Dad, I'll be ready in a few." He clapped his hands together.
"Great, meet me in the living room." He started to walk out.
"You smell something weird?" He sniffed again and wrinkled his nose.
"Uh, no.. Maybe I need a shower." I joked but could hardly force a smile. He grinned and left.
I exhaled, and pulled the little baggie out again, I grimaced at the weed my friend Angie had given me for my birthday. I really didn't want to try it. There was something kind of nerdy-cool about being all 'Straight edge' and what not. I jammed it into a sock and tucked it away in my underwear drawer.
I put on a floral summer dress and some brown sandals, I fluffed my beach blonde hair and walked to the living room where my dad was waiting.
We went out to dinner at my favorite place, and they even brought me out a complimentary cupcake.
I blew out the candle and made the same wish I did every year.
And when we got home late, I simply said I wanted to just relax, so dad let me be alone.
I grabbed the plastic bag and a small glass object and jammed them into my purse. I snuck out my bedroom window and half ran into the woods of my back yard. I swung up into a low hanging willow and leaned back to catch my breath. Was I about to do this?
I toyed with the lighter and decided no. I opened the bag and the light wind caught the dried up leaves and blew them away. I flung the lighter and glass into a nearby oak and I hopped down and walked slowly back to my window. But when I got there, I realized I forgot to prop it open so it had shut on me.
I slammed my palms against it and tried to shove it upwards, "nononoo come on!" It inched up.
I pushed harder, and nearly fainted when I heard my dad walking down the long hall to my room.
It budged 2 more inches and I kept struggling with it. He was getting closer.
Suddenly it gave away and I slammed it up, I jumped up and into my room as my dad jogged down the rest of the way to my room. "Hall? You alright?" I slid the window shut and flopped onto my bed. I rubbed the sweat from my forehead as he barged in.
"Halley?" I grimaced, "I feel kinda sick." He came over and felt my forehead. "You're all sweaty. Here," he pushed the garbage can over to me. "Hope you feel better. Night sweet pea."
He was kinda squeamish.
He shut the door tight behind him and I couldn't help but enjoy the adrenaline rushing through me at the thought of almost being caught. It was like lightning coursing through my veins.
Is this what it was like to live?
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