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I'v never had a dog before, actually i use to be really scared of them.
My boyfriend has three dogs though, and i'v been around them pretty much everyday for the last three months. 
Well, i fell inlove with them and wanted a puppy soo bad. 
We started looking online and i found this adorable puppy named tory
He said he would try hard to get her but not to get my hopes up because it was a cute puppy and they go fast.
I tried not to..
About a week past ..(now valentines day)  he picked me up to take me to his house.
On our way he told me the add was taken down and nobody called him back so he couldnt get it.
I was really sad but tried not to let it show. 
When we got to his i walked in and tory came running up to me with a giant bow wrapped around her that said happy valentines day<3 

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I'v never had a dog before, actually i use to be really scared

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Heartbeat* · 6 years ago
awwwww so adorable :)
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Nikki Sixx* · 7 years ago
Oh my god, that is soooooo cute! :')
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sorry_for_loving_you · 7 years ago
I know!((:
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