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in honor of valentines day, tell me about your crush!

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in honor of valentines day, tell me about your crush!

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gigi58 · 1 decade ago
he's freakin' 5 years older than me. weird huh?
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PurplePenguins · 1 decade ago
His Name Is Bob....He Has A Wife Called Mrs Bob Pie....I Love Him But I Just Keep Eating His Family....Hes Perfect
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Kawaii Chan :3* · 1 decade ago
My boyfriend dumoed me on valentines day....
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imjustthatcool · 1 decade ago
He has these amazing green eyes that are greener than the greenest grass you've ever seen! His smile is adorable because he kinda has buck teeth, but it's perfect to me. <3 His hands are really big, so he's a really good basketball player (So am I, so we're like meant to be). He's taller than me and towers me whenever I see him. He also taps my shoulder and runs away like it wasn't him. His lips are the pinkest pink you can imagine, and whenever he calls my name he uses this really deep, slow kind of voice and if you can imagine that all in one pretty scrawny guy, I'm sorry I made you fall in love with him too. He has these freckles on his cheeks, like someone took a spray painter and just painted them on with that, and they're like little stars on his face twinkling in the night. I don't really understand that reference I made because he's white just like me and he's so perfect to me. But me and him are friends. Last year we were best friends and over the summer we hung out, but this year we haven't really done anything together yet :\ He's the sweetest guy I've ever met, but he's in love with someone else (my best friend), so I'm trying to back-off and get over him because I've liked him for like 4 years now, and we're only friends. So I try convincing myself I'm over him by trying to find flaws, but he's literally perfect to me.
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emma17810 · 1 decade ago
he's tall. athletic. literally the sweetest guy you will ever meet. we were best friends last year, then we were put in seperate classes and he got all popular and we almost never talk. i've liked him for two years now. he's funny, smart, and he has gorgeous blue eyes. he's a total dork, but he hides it. honestly i like him a lot better when he's just himself. almost every girl in the school likes him, but they all like him for his look, and i know this sounds cliche but i don't care about that at all because his personality is INCREDIBLE. he's preppy and he wears these adorable bow ties and button down shirts. he's so adorable. he's awkward and i love that about him because i'm the same way. he always texts back immediately and helps me with my homework because he's like ten times smarter than me. he's the class president. he plays basketball, football, baseball and OMG HIS ABS. he never fails to make me laugh. he's never said a mean thing to me. EVER. and i love him and the way he bites his nails when he's nervous. but he'll never know.
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AustinH · 1 decade ago
She is beyond gorgeous and I couldn't ever imagine being with someone other than her<3 been dating for about 8 months now via the internet, I love her so much
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Eli22b · 1 decade ago
Ok well shes tall, bulky too. Like a big rectangular prism. She's cold on the inside, and holds all sorts of yummy things. Its like a doorway to heaven when you meet her. (my fridge) ;) lol jk

Shes a little bit shorter than me, and my age. She's not the skinniest, but she isnt fat at all. He hair is a dirty blonde, and her smile is amazing. I always tease her saying she looks like Adele, but she can pull off pretty much anything. I've never seen her cry and probably never will. She says things the way they are, and (rarely) sugar coats anything. To you she might come off as a b.tch, but to me she's perfect. She has a.. colorful.. vocabulary and I love it. She always acts like a big tough chick, but whenever I talk to her about her crush she a whole different person. She worries, and questions and freaks out. Its so cute.
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alisonDB21 · 1 decade ago
Lol, I laughed harder than I should have at the fridge part xD
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chocomickey14 · 1 decade ago
Thats the cutest thing ive ever heard Eli:) i especially like the last line
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AnjiTheMadHatter · 1 decade ago
He's non-existent..
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odd · 1 decade ago
She's two years older than me and just as big of a dork as I am and omg she will never notice me ever
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kristabff · 1 decade ago
He's my age. He's SO FREAKING ADORABLE. He isn't what you would consider 'popular' but he is just amazing. Popularity doesn't even matter I just love him so much. He's hilarious, and sometimes he gets awkward around me and does dumb stuff which makes him so much cuter! He's a little taller than me, blond hair, hugs light light light green eyes. Thin. And currently single.. (;
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AwkwardGirl · 1 decade ago
Well we've been best friends since 1st grade. I started liking him three years back, romantically, and this year is the first year since first grade that we haven't been in the same classes whatsoever. He has brown wavy hair, is a bit taller than me, is a dork, a lot of girls like him since he's attractive and hilarious and smart and athletic. He knows basically everything about me and I know basically everything about him, except we never talk about our 'crushes' and we've drifted these past months. He used to be somewhat of a player, but it never bothered me because he never kissed or hugged them, but he would still hug me everyday. He used to compliment me everyday and was there for me through everything. He would do anything to see me smile or laugh, including singing, which he IS NOT good at. He's not perfect, but he makes me happy and be able to be myself around him. It's not easy to explain but no matter what he does to me off or make me mad or even makes me jealous, I still forgive him. And hopefully, one day, he'll look at me the way I look at him.
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justmyself · 1 decade ago
He's super duper amazing(: He's in the same grade as me, 10th, and I've liked him since around the end of September/beginning of October of 2012. But we've known each other since 5th grade and I always thought he was kinda cute. Plus my friends would always tell me we'd look cute together and I'd be like "him? No way..I can't see myself liking him" and what do you know? I do now! Well, I actually more than like him..I love him<3 He's a ginger with tons of adorable freckles, he runs cross country and track so he has a pretty nice runner's body(; He used to wrestle, but quit this year. He has the most amazing eyes ever, they are this shade of blue that reminds me of an ocean. Like seriously, I can easily say I've gotten lost in his eyes<3 And his smile..omg..don't even get me started on that. When he smiles his whole face lights up&ermagerd he just looks so adorable(: He has this cute little walk too, idk how to explain it. It's a sorta-bouncy walk I guess. My friends all think it's funny but I think it is just so cute! He always looks really cuddly and hug-able all the time. I have to control myself not to go jump on him and kiss him like there's no tomorrow. He's pretty quiet, but once you get to know him he's really funny.c: He's also smart. Oh and he's a total country boy..he lives on a farm and is definetly into his cows. Haha(: He told me once he talks to them about his problems, lolol. We aren't together, unfortunetly, but my friends all think he likes me. Sometimes he does things that make me go "okay, he totally likes me!" But other times it's like "oh..maybe not.." but I overthink everything..so who knows? My school is having a winter homecoming dance this Saturday & I really hope we dance together..<3
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hardyharhar123 · 1 decade ago
He's a year older than me and don't think he knows me. Next year I will be a freshmen and we are into a lot of the same things so I'm hoping to get to know him better. We have only spoken so many times. He's really tall and has brown hair and hazel eyes. Other people don't think he's the best looking but he is just perfect to me. He's amazing kind sweet and can sing! I feel weird liking someone I hardly know but he is just everything to me.
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ErinIsTheName* · 1 decade ago
My crush is seriously the sweetest boy in the world. The first time I saw him, I knew he was the one. My parents and his parents are personal friends, and we met a couple times. Then a week before New Years Eve, he texted my mom and told her he thought I was pretty, and that he liked me, and he wanted me to come to his party, so we could get to know each other. The best part is he isn't perfect, but he's perfect for me. And you know he's a great guy, when your dad approves of him. He always laughs at my stupid jokes, and he's always smiling at me with his cute little side smile. I could write a novel on how much I like him. <3
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SarahUrsini · 1 decade ago
He's a wrestler and he has amazing abs and insanely gorgeous blue eyes and blonde hair. He's smart and funny and we have amazing conversations about books, social issues, politics and just life in general. I can trust him with anything and talk about absolutely everything with him. We've been dating for 2 months and he bought me a kiel james patrick bracelet for valentines day and I have been wanting one since christmas. He's like the guy version of me and we could just talk for hours and never run out of anything to say or new things to talk about. I go to all his home wrestling matches and he comes to all of the basketball games to see me cheer even though he doesn't like basketball. He's amazing and I am so happy I have him.
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Roxeyd · 1 decade ago
He's the most amazing guy I've ever met. I've liked him for nearly four years and I love him to much. I haven't seen him in forever. We used to be best friends, but then I moved and he moved and now we don't even live in the same country. It's sad because he liked me too, he told me, but we were to far away to do anything about it. I can't stop thinking about him, even though we've stopped talking. He's Spanish and he likes skateboarding and rock music and is just about as random as I am. He's so sweet and I'd do just about anything for him. And I miss him so much.
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theawkwardauthor · 1 decade ago
She's beautiful. Every step that she takes, she takes with purpose. She's like a ballerina, only a whole lot clumsier. She's not constantly putting herself down like every other girl, and yet she's not arrogant. She plays the bassoon, and she's pretty good at it, but she sings like she's an angel that fell down from heaven.

She has long, straight brown hair that sometimes gets a bit messy, but it looks beautiful nonetheless. Her eyes are brown, too, and they're always full of warmth. Her hands are big and bony, and sometimes her skin gets dry, which only makes her cuter. Sometimes she wears the craziest, most colorful outfits ever, but some days she'll just wear a sweatshirt, jeans, and Converse. (It doesn't matter—she's beautiful either way.)

She's a crazy talented actress, and she's going to go on Broadway someday. She loves reading, especially the Harry Potter books, but she doesn't like to write. Math is her least favorite subject, but she manages to grin and bear it no matter what. Peanut butter and Nutella are her favorite foods (eaten plain, though, not on bread). One of her favorite singers is Ed Sheeran, and she sings his songs so beautifully that you almost want to cry.

She laughs at all of my jokes. Whenever she gets sad, it's just so incredibly wrong that you have to run up to her and give her a hug and tell her that everything's going to be okay. She's sometimes clumsy, can sometimes seem egotistical, and talks too much when she gets nervous. She has her flaws, but they're nothing compared to everything good about her. Even though she's human, she seems like a goddess to me, and I am never happier than when she's in the room. And I know that I will never be with her.
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Skrillex_is_my_husband · 1 decade ago
Awwwwwh :,)
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Bonjour_Ica · 1 decade ago
he is called Mattieú, he is half french, he is gorgeous, he is my future husband (obviously) and he is popular, he spoke to me ONCE when i was in year 7 (thats 6th grade for any americans reading this) to say how year 8's were annoying. He is beautiful, extremely clever and doesnt acknowledge my existance :(
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CharliesTheName · 1 decade ago
She plays the piano
she's funny
she creates her own music
we've been friends since preschool when i was sitting alone and she came to eat lunch with me :)
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ifyouthinkyouknowmeyoudontknowanything · 1 decade ago
he's as smart as I am, few guys are, he's got black hair and the sweetest smile. I started liking him about in the middle of last year, 6th grade. We were in a play for G.T. towards the end of the year, he was puck and I was Hermia, and every time he ever talked to me or even came near me my heart fluttered and I couldn't breathe. He's the guy of my dreams, but I'm to scared to ask him out. help? please?
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