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UsinMr Parker
♥ Logan ♥
C h a p t e r  40



The light shined into the room, a room I wasn't familiar with.
Zachs room.
His hand was draped around me and our legs tangled. He looked so peaceful and innocent when he slept. Silently, I wondered why I had spent so many mornings waking up without Zach by my side because this was by far the best thing ever.
Last night, I hadvslept with Zach.
I had lost myvvirginity to my teacher and I didn't feel guilty about it one bit.
Zachs mobile rang, waking him up and he rubbed his eyes. “Good morning, beautiful,” he said, his voice husky from being asleep.
Morning,” I smiled, widely. His phone stopped ringing but a second later began again. Groaning, Zach reached for it and answered it.
Hello?” A moment later, he continued, “You really had to call me for that. I was sleeping.” He winked at me. “No you cannot come in, I have somebody over.” Zach kissed my neck as he listened to the person on the other end. “Yes, Blaze, if you don't like that it beats me.” So he was talking to Blaze. “Yes, you can come in. Just wait a couple of minutes, I'll come and get the door,” he sighed. “ Bye.”
What was that about?” I asked.
It was just Blaze, he's waiting outside. I'm really sorry,” he apologised.
Why are you sorry? C'mon, I'll make you some breakfast.” All I was wearing was one of Zachs tops and I'm sure Blaze wouldn't appreciate me wearing that in front of him.
Do you want a pair of boxers?”
I'll just wear what I wore yesterday,” I shrugged.
Do you want to have a shower?”
Yes, please,” I smiled. Zach showed me to his bathroom and gave me a towel. He leaned against the door, smirking. “Go and open the door for your brother!”
I think he can wait,” he told me, looking at me lustfully.
I giggled, “He can't.”
I love you,” Zach said. That was actually the first time Zach hasn't actually said those three words to me and I blushed a dark shade of red.
I love you too,” I replied. I locked the bathroom door when Zach left and when I had finished I put my jeans from yesterday on but instead of my top, I put Zachs top on. He had left me a top and I couldn't help it. I wanted to wear his clothes. When Zach saw me, he had a smile playing teasingly on his face.
Blaze you remember Logan, right?”
Yes, how could I forget,” Blaze smiled sweetly.
Well I'm going to make some pancakes, Blaze would you like anything?” my voice was just like his.
I'll pass.”
Okay.” I walked into the kitchen and got out the pan and started making the pancakes. I chatted with Zach while I made them but Blaze didn't talk much. Zach left to go to the bathroom and I asked, “What's your problem?”
My problem is you. You're going to send him to jail.”
I love him,” I said, through gritted teeth.
Sure you do,” he said, sarcastically. “At the end of this you're going to realise that it was just a silly school girl crush and my brother is going to end up with a broken heart.”
Thats not true!” I exclaimed as my phone began ringing. It was mum, I answered. “Mum?”
L-Logan,” she stuttered, I could tell she had been crying. “Come home now, your father is here.” 

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Teaser: "I just wanted to speak to you and your mother. I owe you both an explanation." "Yeah, well you're three years late," I told him. 
 {A/N 40TH CHAPTER! Asdfghjkl c; So, what do you guys think? I'm just about to upload another chapter (:}


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I think blaze is kind of a jerk :P
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