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What is life?

You only have one life, so why not take a chance?

Life is kind of like truth or dare.

You have the ones that are brave and take a chance, picking a dare.

These people know that they can be dared something horrible.

But why not do it? What is the true harm? 

Yes, there is always a chance, but isn't there always a chance in most fun things?

For example, a lot of people sky dive and bungee jump.

It can be dangerous, but it is ok because at least they will get to say they did it.

You can not let your fears get the best of you! 

Fear is the bully, and it is time to stand up to it!

And then, there are the people that are scared and do not want to have to do something.

They are the ones that choose truth.

Not very courageous, and pretty much the only thing you admit is your crush.

And so what? Why does it matter if the guy you are head over heals with knows?

What is the harm in that? He doesn't like you? Your friends make fun of you?

Well some friends they are! And then he is missing out! 

What I am trying to say is, take a chance, don't live life hiding in your shell. 

Be yourself, and just do it! 

Just make mistakes, be stupid! 

You can't live life never taking a chance.

What fun would that be?

So here it is:

I dare you to do something amazing! It doesn't have to be big! But do something, because it could lead to more.

Every day, come out of your shell, and show the world the awesome person you are.

Because if you live life in a shell, you will be no better than a snail.

Don't be a snail, be a bird!

A free, soaring through the world, singing, bird.

Be you!

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Life. What is life? You only have one life, so why not take a

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