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Every night she thinks about him
she thinks about how he lied
all about that he loved her so much
and he never wanted to loose her
then it all ended that one night
when she thought there was nothing
left in her life
she thought of doing this so many times
she left a suicide note
she rolled it up and just left it there
then she took the razor and the knife
she might of done it more than twice
she slit her wrist do relieve the pain
but instead, she ended her life
all of her friends were very upset
they knew it was because of that one boy
she loved him very much
one of her friends opened the note
she read it out loud...
and the note said,
"without him i am nothing,
so if i am nothing then what's the point of living?
he told me he loved me so i believed,
but he lied, and he took everything i had
so without him i couldn't live,
i even made a promise to him saying that
i will never be able to live without you,
so i don't break my promises and with my one last breath
i wanted to say ' i love you' for the very last time"

some is mine <3

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Every night she thinks about him she thinks about how he lied

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