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 I   'm   Just   No t  That   Picture   Perfect 


Chapter Seven- Ivy's POV

Since it was a 23-hour flight to Australia, I packed my carry on bag full of my favorite junk foods like Chips Ahoy and Slim Jim’s. I woke up to the soft sound of Ryder’s voice speaking to someone, but whom? I didn’t recognize the voice I heard. Before I looked up to see that he was talking to I noticed our hands were still interlocked. I pretended I was still sleeping, so that if Ryder happened to glance over at me, he wouldn’t see how hard I was blushing.
I let out a fake yawn and retracted my head from his shoulder. I looked out the window and saw a magnificent sunset. It was so unique; I have never seen anything so beautiful. Yet again I’ve never seen a sunset from an airplane window.
I looked over to where Ryder was speaking before and no one was there. I shot him questioning look. He said, “It was just the flight attendant asking what we wanted to drink and eat. I ordered 2 Shirley Temples, but no food because well your carry on bag.” I just happened to be that Shirley Temples were my favorite. Damn I thought to myself, I’m falling for him hard.
I looked up to the little plane television that was on the back of the seat in front of us to see what was playing. It just happened to be that the Titanic just started. I squeezed Ryder’s with the hand that was still interlocked with his and pointed at the television with the other. I said “Babe- uh sorry I mean Ryder, look” He let out a little chuckle and said “babe.” I said “w-what?” He said, “I like that.”

{Authors note: So sorry for not writing in forever, I've just been really busy between school, homework, my dad being in the hospital, and what not. I really hope you keep reading though. I really want to try to finsih this i just don't know where exactly this will be going because I write chapter by chapter. I'll hopefully be posting more often. Well please keep reading it would mean a lot to me. Oh yeah, also i posted chapter 6 a while ago, but if you go to my profile it says click on this quote, so you have to click on it to read it.  }
*I do NOT notify so please don't ask*
xoxo- ashley
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I 'm Just No t That Picture Perfect Chapter Seven- Ivy's

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