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I know what it's like to be in love,
I know what it's like to find him.
It's far from simple,
And nearly impossible to describe.
Yet, here I am,
Attempting to let it out.

Think about this, okay?
Imagine what I say.
Put my words into thoughts or pictures,
Whatever works best for you.
Take in these words I write for you,
And then tell me what you feel.

Take a jar of butterflies,
And feel their wings beat and beat,
As they try to fly away.
Imagine the walls of the jar is really your stomach.
Imagine feeling them try to fly away,
Anytime you see that one person.

Take a sharp knife,
And feel the sharp edge
As you run you finger gently along it.
Imagine the knife in your chest.
Imagine it twisting and pullying,
Anytime they walk away.

Think of a flower,
And the way it looks,
As it opens up for the first time.
Imagine the way it's beauty is first unfolded.
Imagine the happiness it feels as it streatches to meet the sun.
That's what it's like, seeing that person.

Think of a feather,
And feel it's soft, lightness,
As it lands gently on your lips.
Imagine it somehow feeling very heavy,
Imagine it growing in size with the perfection of it.
That's what it's like, kissing them for the first time.

Here it is, love,
Written down just for you.
But this does nothing to compare,
To the real thing.
It's crazy, weird, and strange,
Yet perfectly amazing at the same time.

Here it is, love,
Written down as I have found it.
But this does nothing to compare,
To what you feel.
I am not you,
So I can not know how you see it.

Go, you beautiful person,
Go out into the world,
And find what you call love.
Then tell me, tell me as you see it,
Describe to me what love is.
I bet our two versions will be quite similar.

Love to you,
Is different,
From love to me.
Find your loved one,
Let them fill your life,
And be truley happy with them.

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I know what it's like to be in love, I know what it's

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