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How to annoy your Parents
1) Follow them around teh house everywhere
2) Moo when they call your name.
3) Pretend you have amnesia.
4) Say everything backwards
5) Run into walls.
6) Say that wearing clothes is againstyour religion.
7) Go into their rrom at 4 a.m and say " Good Morning Sunshine!"
8) Snort loudly when you laugh, then laugh harder
9) Have 20 imaginary friends that you talk to all the time.
10) Pluck someone's hair out and yell "DNA!"
11) In public yell " No Mom i will not snog you"
12)Talk to a pen ( ex.Oh, you write so nicely! Yes, yes you do!)
13) Switch the light buttonon and off for a while then yell "Oh I get it"
14) Try to climb the wall
15) Hold their hand and whisper to them " i see dead people."
16) Eat your hair
17) At everythhing they say yell "LIAR!"
18) When you take a shower yell " I'm Drowning! I'm Drowning!"
19) Tap on their door all night saying" Help me afohdsakfhdsl!"
20) Talk to the commercial guy on T.V about your problems.
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How to annoy your Parents 1) Follow them around teh house everywhere

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funny · annoying · gingerfox

HellBanana · 7 years ago
Most certainly will do.
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gingerfox3 · 7 years ago
lol it works!
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HellBanana · 7 years ago
I'm sure it does!! It'll be fun testing this outxD
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