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So I've decided that I'm gonna write notes to a few people to get my anger out..

Dear Mom,
Thanks for marrying the worlds biggest a-hole. It really shows how much I matter. I love you too. You wonder why I'm never home, well thats why. I hate him, which is also making me build a huge hatrid for you, because you always side with him.

Dear StepDad,
With the amount of crap you put me through daily.. Is ridiculous. Then you ACTUALLY expect me to respect you? That's honestly the biggest joke I've ever heard. Don't you dare tell me to "treat me like your father, because you deserve respect" You're NOT my father. Nor will you ever be. I hate you. I wish you never were around.

Dear Daddy,
I really miss you. Hockey's going pretty well :) Mom's changed in the past months you've been gone. I wish I were up in Heaven with you. Our family isn't the same. Tyler's depressed. I'm suicidal, depressed and I'm bipolar. Daddy I miss you <3 Please come visit soon <3
Rest In Paradise,

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So I've decided that I'm gonna write notes to a few people

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