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Not your perfect girl

Chapter 7
As soon as I got home, I dashed to get to my closet with the secret stash of cigarettes and alcohol. I haven't had a cigarette for a while and on top of the Ethan taking me to the winter formal thing that I felt like I needed a smoke to calm myself down. It was then I remembered they had all been destroyed and thrown out. My whole stash was gotten rid of. This made me furious all over again. Right now, I needed them. I needed to feel the burning, tingling sensation of beer running down my throat. I needed to inhale that smoke, tar, and nicotine. One side of me asked what had I been thinking, trying to get rid of these old habits that had stuck to me like glue? Why wouldn't I just give up trying to change my ways? Another side asked what had I been thinking, taking that first but biggest step towards this messed up life? Why had I even started doing this bullsh/t? A beep from my phone, indicating a new text message, interrupted my thoughts.
"Day 2 isn't over yet. Stay strong. I'll be coming over a bit later tonight. See you soon!" -Charlie.
Stay strong, the text read. It was almost as if he was watching me, like a guardian angel. That was just what I needed to hear right now. I sighed with happiness. I was so glad that I had someone like Charlie in my life. Then, with that over with, I started on my homework. There was a lot to make up for the days I'd neglected and ignored it. School was becoming increasingly easier these past two days. I was sure it was because I hadn't drank alcohol or smoked. I didn't know what to think, except for the feeling that it was a good thing.
I felt better about myself. I felt my life improving. I felt, well, proud of myself. 
By the time Charlie was here, Mom was already at home cooking dinner.
When I heard the doorbell ring, I rushed to get the door, but my mom beat me to it.
"Charlie! I haven't seen you in a while. Where have you been? Come in, come in,"
Mom gushed, happy to have a guest here. 
Charlie flashed one of his perfect, innocent smiles at my mom. "Good afternoon, Mrs. Robertson. Maybel needed some help with her schoolwork, so I came to tutor her. Is that alright?" he asked, utterly polite and well-mannered.
"What a nice boy. Of course you can. And you should definitely join us for dinner. There's enough food for everyone." My mother beamed with joy.
I walked down the rest of the stairs to greet Charlie. "You really didn't have to, you know," I said.
"Oh, that's okay. I don't mind," he replied.
After a quite awkward dinner with the three of us, Charlie and I headed upstairs to my bedroom.
While walking, he swooped down to my height and whispered,
"You know that tutoring thing was just an excuse, right?"
I smiled knowingly. It pleased me to know that he made excuses just to see me. 
Once we were in my room, door shut, Charlie asked me a terrifying question.
It may not sound very terrifying to you, but it was to me.
"So, Maybel, I was wondering if you would go to the winter formal with me?"
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Not your perfect girl Chapter 7 As soon as I got home, I dashed

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