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Dear Witty,

I have a confession and I accept the fact that
every single one of you are gonna hate me.

I am not a guy, I am a girl just like most of you are.

(Please, read on.)

When I started this account, I made a girl account and a guy
account.  It was an experiment that went too far,
I just wanted to see the different reactions each would get.

I planned to end it after about a week,
but then came the death threats.

I was literally getting a hundred death threats a day
when rumors broke that I might be a girl.

I couldn't handle it.  
I couldn't even tell myself I didn't deserve these
people telling me to kill myself because they had
their facts straight, I was a girl.

The pain was constant and the
cruel messages went on for months.

After a while, they slowed down,
but the fear was still with me.

I am telling you now 
because I want to be able to tell myself
I didn't deserve the hatred and believe it.

I am telling you now
because I respect my friends on here
more than I respect my fears.

I am telling you now
understanding and accepting that
i have lost your trust
i have lost my friends
i have lost my dignity
i know.

i am telling you now
because you deserve it
and so do i

feel free to comment your threats
but i won't be hurting myself any time soon
because i can honestly say, i don't deserve it

Goodbye, Witty

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Dear Witty, I have a confession and I accept the fact that every

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alpharedw13 · 8 years ago
You have honestly earned so much respect by coming clean. Most girls have probably created an account on some website or another pretending to be a guy just to see the different reactions. It's not an uncommon situation, and those people threatening you should really learn to forgive and forget. They are wrong in all aspects. Your quotes are inspirational no matter what your gender is.
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jay99 · 8 years ago
thats cool that she did that
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BriaSaysRandomStuffx · 9 years ago
Nobody deserves to be hated && to get death threats. I'm sorry I wasn't there when yu needed someone to lean on. Sorry that the girls on witty who are supposed to help && inspire only hurt && destroyed yu..
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12iloveyoubaby12 · 9 years ago
lol wtf
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OzzyPavy · 9 years ago
Awh please don't leave. I don't blame you for pretending to be a guy! I mean guys get WAY more attention on witty than girls do. Please stay (:
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RingoStar · 9 years ago
you have amazing quotes. keep up this account, please. now that we all know doesn't make a difference. your quotes are still amazing. and by the way, what is your girl accounts username?
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theawkwardauthor · 9 years ago
You can't leave. You seriously can't. I don't care whether you're a fake or a real. Your quotes are just waaay too amazing for you to leave. You don't know how many times you've brought a smile to my face when I was in pain. Whether you're a guy or a girl, I love you.

And in my opinion, this was a really interesting experiment. I've considered doing it a few times actually. We all have. <3 Please stay~
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Primadonna* · 9 years ago
never leave. EVER
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TswizzleFan13 · 9 years ago
Don't leave plz dont
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imonlyhuman* · 9 years ago
i have a fake and a real...lol we all do!
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GabyMm · 9 years ago
dont leave! it doesnt matter whether your a guy or girl, your on here in the witty family and most of us absolutley love your quotes! although its true, you dont deserve death threats, thats why its understandable that you'll want to leave. what happened to witty? we were the outcasts that united so that we wouldnt be alone. ill apologize on behalf of anyone who threatened you, and im sorry for every thing you've gone through.
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wittyfreak136 · 9 years ago
I've thought about doing that, too. Guys get sooo much more attention on their quotes and profiles. It's interesting to see the change in one day. How after one day a guy will have 200 followers, and a girl will have 2. Girls won't usually admit to giving guys more attention, but they do. I'm not complaining. After 3 years I have ALMOST 100 followers; I don't go on that often obviously... LOL. I'm happy with where I am. I just think experiments like these are interesting, and I'm actually relieved you're not a guy. Guys are obviously allowed on here, but I'd rather there be none to very little. I'm a girl and I don't want a guy to know what I want them to know, by reading my quotes. That's like, cheating in a way. LOL. They're confusing beings, but I don't see their quote site where they poor their hearts out... Show me theirs, and I'll gladly show them my profile. Yknow? You don't have to leave over this though. People will get over it. They just need to grow up.
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kellysjellybellys · 9 years ago
I don't care, your quotes are funny whoever you are
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HetaliaAxisPowers · 9 years ago
Should've been honest.
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jimmy365 · 9 years ago
Just was.
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NicolaMarinaquotes · 9 years ago
My fellow wittians, let me just take this time to say that I'm actually a guy who made a girls account. so you all know now that im a guy. OKAY no i'm not, but did it make a difference? those 5 seconds that i was saying i was a guy, did they change anything? no. I still make my quotes, i still favourite other peoples quotes. WHO THE HELL cares if you're a guy or a girl? no one. So don't go do something silly. Don't even leave your account. it'll just show weakness and they'll love it. You've got great quotes. just ignore what they say. haters gon' hate;) remember, you've got the real wittians on your side. Love you. God Bless.
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Every1stellingmeSecrets · 9 years ago
O.o gosh people im so dissipointed! why would u do that to her! hah everyone does that sweetie. we all have fake profiles and then a real one....
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Michelle288 · 9 years ago
Dear What-ever-your-real-name-actually-is,
Relax. You've done fine. I wouldn't leave your account just yet. Stick it out a while longer. See what comes next.
I've never known you before this, but you seem familiar. Why? Because you're just another teenage girl. Just like me, and just like many other girls on here.
It doesn't matter what you did. Can't we all say we've thought about making a guy's account before? And what it would be like?
I'm sorry you got death threats. Whether they're to celebrities or you, I don't see why anyone sends them. Anyone who sends death threats is in my opinion, either a wimp that's just using you to get some anger out, or sh*t as$ crazy.
So, relax. You've done nothing wrong. So you said you were a guy. It's not like you murdered someone to keep your secret.
Take a deep breath. it's gonna be fine.
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MissHatty · 9 years ago
you idiot! haha do you honeslty think any of us care whether your a he or a she? i don't! your quotes are still brilliant, amazing and of course witty too. better late than never! you told us the truth eventually and thats all we can ever ask of you ya cutie. but it is awkward a bit because i'm still picturing you as a male hehe oh well, guess i'll get used to it eventually. can I ask you a question though? do you actually have a sister? or were her tumblr accounts actually yours? hehe you cutie! I can honeslty say that on the internet nobody cares what gender you are, who your intrested in or even what you look like, or at least I don't anyways so all I can say is stay proud of who you are, but I can bet that loads of girls will be trying this idea out now hehe :') love you hunney you are just brilliant and quite frank hilarious too. ignore all the low-lives who think its gonna be funny to annoy you because you're brilliant heehee xxxx
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Ethanol · 9 years ago
aw <3
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lets_live_while_were_young_xx · 9 years ago
Dont leave! look at all these comments, most of them arent hate! Its good letting the truth out and yeah maybe you shouldnt have kept up your scheme that long but everyone loves your quotes!
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jayciecutie01 · 9 years ago
Why the hell would you stay longer than a week if you were getting death threats?
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jimmy365 · 9 years ago
i don't remember, probably because i felt like leaving would be like giving in
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