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Not your perfect girl

Chapter 2
After detention, I chugged down my daily bottle of beer. It helped relax me after the torture of detention. Then, I started getting ready for the party tonight. Believe it or not, this was going to be my first high school party. Since I started drinking, even though it was in secret, I was fitting  in more and more with the party kids. I guess this is what alcohol does to me? Whatever, I kind of liked it. Life was more fun this way. I straightened my long brown hair and applied eyeshadow and mascara to my icy blue eyes. I put on a strapless, ruffled, black dress and a pair of sparkly heels. Then tons of jewelry. Finally, I was ready. I sexily winked at myself in the mirror. Now all that's left to do is to wait. Soon enough, around midnight, I heard a car pull into my driveway. I smiled, Ethan was here. I took off my heels to avoid being heard and snuck out of my backdoor. Perfect.
My parents were still sound asleep.
"Hey babe," Ethan said to me. I smirked back at him. It'll be a fun night. Although I felt a bit guilty about this, it couldn't hurt, right? We arrived at his house a few minutes later. 
Wow. The place was totally amazing, as expected of Ethan. Before I even walked in, there was music blasting everywhere, too loud to hear above. It's a wonder that the police aren't here by now.
I looked around the already trashed house. There were some broken bottles littering the carpet flooring. The smell of alcohol permeated the room. I actually found it really nice and refreshing. I vaugely recognized some people in the room. Maybe I could get to know them a bit better at this party. They were my type of people. I could definitely befriend some of the party people. 
"Ayeee..... Do ya wanna cigarette?" a guy asked me. He was obviously drunk, but then, who wasn't?
Although I'd never smoked before, I could give it a shot. I mean, couldn't hurt, right? I shrugged and reached for his cigarette pack and lighter. "Yeah, sure, why not?"
Inhaling the fumes, I could feel myself getting higher and higher. If this is what smoking was like... Why didn't I try it sooner? I took a few more smokes, loving the new sensation I was getting from it. 
"Ya likin' thosee cigarettes Mayybell?" Ethan slurred drunkily. I nodded at him, smiling.  "Weell, if ya think dats goood, then wait n'til ya try thiss. We're doin' weed right noww. You should reeallyy join us. Yeahh... it feels sooo good." Ethan collapsed onto the couch in front of him and started snoring loudly. Something better than cigarettes... maybe I should try it? I walked over to where they were doing weed. They were passing around the marijuana joints. I took one and smoked pot. It felt so good, just like Ethan said. It was like.. floating on top of a cloud.
And that's how I got addicted to smoking.
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Not your perfect girl Chapter 2 After detention, I chugged down

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