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Chances Are

Chapter 25/Epilgoue

“Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas little Liam” Everyone is with me and my sister at the orphanage. The kids are each going up to Santa and getting their presents. I’ve never seen the kids so happy, we gave them a huge breakfast with pancakes, French toast, sausage, eggs, and even fruit, though it wasn’t touched.
Ariel and her boyfriend Sam, who’s with us, were dating before she moved here for me. He loved her so much he moved to be closer to her. He’s an awesome guy and I will get to call him my brother in law one day very, very soon.
 Jason got the scholarship to West Point as long as he keeps his grades up next semester, which is new personal tutor will help him do. I paid to get him one for the rest of his senior year as a Christmas gift. I wanted his life to be as good as possible, even if I wasn’t in it. He reluctantly accepted it because I already paid for it.
Bella is doing well, she got asked out a few days ago by a guy from school. Apparently he’s been crushing on her for ages and never had the nerve to ask her out. They’re really cute together and he seems like a good guy. They’re both pretty shy so it should work out well. I don’t know if either one would ever have the nerve to dump the other or propose so don’t really know what will happen there. They spent Christmas Eve together but is each having dinner with their own families this Christmas.
Christina and Tyler are happy together and are going to try long distance when they go off to college. They are spending half of Christmas together. They spent the morning with their families and tonight are coming to our Christmas party. It’s being thrown by me and Ariel, we invited a lot of our family and a few friends each.  Courtney is even coming. Since that day in the bakery her and I have become friends. We each let go of the past and her and Bella are even getting closer. So I better watch out. But I won’t cry.
Ariel and I are getting along wonderfully, she set some restrictions though. After I told her everything about Courtney almost getting pregnant and the fact me and Marcus were official made her make the rule no boys sleeping over, ever. So I made her stick to the rule too with Sam. She’s stopped smoking entirely and hasn’t touched any drugs or substance since. I’m really proud of her. When I graduate and turn 18 she and Sam plan on getting their own place. They are staying in the area so we don’t drift again. I missed having a sister.
Marcus and I have been going strong for two weeks. He’s always so spontaneous and fun to be around. I’m never sad around him. And that makes me even happier. We are only half way through our junior year and have so much in front of us. I don’t know what’s going to happen anymore and I don’t really care. I have family, friends, time and money. I may not always know what’s going to happen, but the Chances Are Good for Me.

Author Note: That End! Merry Christmas Everyone! (I hope you guys notice the 1D reference up there and the song reference) Anyways I willl we writing anther story on my other account so if you like it go check it out on LoveAlwaysStories, I should have the prologue up by the new year. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season I love you and Merry Christmas again!! :) <3 [I'm gonna go open presents now]
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Chances Are Chapter 25/Epilgoue “Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

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iwuvyou4eva · 7 years ago
I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT BELLE'S LOVE LIFE. but best epilogue ever, for reals. i was like having a vision in my head of just so many smiling faces and even the nicole/ariel relationship and how all is well = :')
the "have so much in front of us" is hinting towards a sequel hehe
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LoveAlwaysMe · 7 years ago
lol are you going to help me with it?! <3
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iwuvyou4eva · 7 years ago
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LoveAlwaysMe · 7 years ago
well text me back girrll xD
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永久* · 7 years ago
Aww the end :(
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