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Senior Year


A new year, I'm finally a junior. An next year I'll be a senior, prom and everything else are right around the corner.
You know I just want to scream in anticipation right? Well, I'm not actually that big of a girlie girl am I?
Da/mn straight I am! I let out the loudest squeal I could, earning me a yell from my mom downstairs.
"Sorry mom!" I yelled loud enough for her to hear me, I stood in front of my full length mirror and finished putting on my dangly earrings.
I can't believe I'm actually wearing something like this, I couldn't even imagine me wearing something like this last year.
Or the year before that. I'd just scrunch up my nose and pull out my converse, skinnies, and a hoodie.
I wore a skirt that came up over my belly button, which had polka-dots on it and a little mini belt.
Along with a shirt and a small jacket to match, my flats completed the look along with my brown, curly shoulder length hair.
I quickly ran to my makeup table, of course I didn't have this until the end of last year.
I quickly applied a little bit of eyeliner to my eyes to make them pop. My sparkly brown eyes staring back at me in the mirror, "Naomi make sure you get to school on time today, okay?"
Oi of course I'll be on time, it's my first day as a junior and I was dressed to impress!
I bit my lip as I grabbed my purse and bag, heading downstairs to see my mom about to head out the door.
"Oh! Look at my baby!" I rolled my eyes here we go again why couldn't she just have continued her walk outside, leaving the house?
She came over and smiled at me, but instantly frowned and already I knew the criticism was coming.
"What's this on your face?" She reached her hand up to my eyes about to wipe off my eyeliner, "Mom, stop it's just a little eyeliner. It won't kill me".
I kissed her cheek and walked out the door, very eager to get to school. New year means new guys, new teachers, and just plan out new everything.
"Wait, Naomi don't you want to eat before you go?" The eye rolling has just begun, "I'm too excited to eat!"
I rushed for my blue convertible and hopped inside before she could ask me anything else.
I let the hood down, feeling the wind in my hair I pulled out my shades and smiled at the feeling of a new day.
Today is gonna rule.

A/N: This is a new version of 'Shy Love' since I couldn't do anything with it. Hope you like!
Main Characters names: Eithan Rhodes & Naomi Taylor
Others- Caleigh Wood, Delilah Brown, Blaise Clemens

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Senior Year A new year, I'm finally a junior. An next year

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