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Chapter 33

"You know, he's turned into his grumpy self again since you guys stopped talking." Dylan said, once I finished speaking.
I raised an eyebrow, scoffing. "Wasn't he always this grumpy?"
Dylan licked his lips, before shrugging. "I guess so." he paused. "But, ever since he met you, he stopped being so hard all of the time. Everyone's noticed that he's stopped smoking for the first time in years, but he just recently started it up again. I think you're the reason why he caved."
I stared down at my mug of coffee, which was now getting colder and colder by the minute.
I wrapped my fingers around the cup, trying to get as much heat as I could from it.
I hadn't even been close enough to Travis this past week to notice if he's started smoking again.
Occasionally, I would sneak glances over at him, but they would never last long enough for me to notice any evident changes in his features.
Also, he's only come to school twice since we've seperated our ways.
"You should talk to him." Dylan suddenly said, making my eyes snap at him.
Was he absurd?
Ever since I've realized that I had feelings for Travis, I could barely look him in the eyes, let alone speak to him.
My head began to pound painfully, as Dylan offered me a weak smile.
"Listen, my shift is starting up again in a minute." he said. "I'll see you sometime, but think about what I said, okay?"
Dylan stared at me hesitantly, before getting up to go back to work.
Travis' Point of View
"Travis, your father and I get back home for the first time in weeks and we find out that you haven't been going to school?" my mother scolded the second she saw me still in my bed the next morning.
I groaned, wishing that she would stop talking already.
I was out last night, and had a few too many drinks.
My head was killing me right now, and I couldn't think straight.
My mother suddenly paused, sniffing the air.
Her high nose scrunched up in disgust, before she shot me a glare. "Is that alcohol I smell?" she snapped, crossing her arms. "That's it, Travis. Get up, you're going to school right now."
"My head hurts too much to learn." I muffled in my pillow.
My mother picked me up from the back collar of my shirt, lifting my head up.
"I don't care, Travis Kapone." she hissed. "You're going to school, no matter what."
I glared at her with tired eyes, before I rolled over in bed, faced up.
"Hurry up, I'll be waiting in the car to drive you today." my mother nodded shortly, before closing the bedroom door behind her.
I can't believe that she was actually making me to go school with a hangover.
I can't believe that she was making me go to school in general.
If I went to school, then I would have to see Riley.
I don't think I could control myself if I even looked at her.

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trouble Chapter 33 "You know, he's turned into his grumpy

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HoneyBee13 · 8 years ago
write moreeeeeee
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Literally just sat in my room for the past hour reading every chapter of this story.
It's sos good :)
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JeMiNe2016 · 8 years ago
Asdfghjkl! I love it
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Pesadilla · 8 years ago
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Another chapter maybe, just cos' you love us? (: xx
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ummm.. this is my favorite story on witty. so, keep writing please. i can't wait for the next update. (:
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CrazyAtHeart · 8 years ago
this is super amazing and you are extremely talented. just so you know [:
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