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This Moment In Time
Chapter 10
Aurora's POV

When Niall woke me up the next morning he asked if I wanted to go to the sound check with him, he said the other girls were going to be there. I was curious to meet them, so I said I'd go, I took a shower, I put on some yoga pants and one of Nialls shirts. It smelled like him so I couldnt resist. Once I was done with my hair and make-up I walked downstairs.
"Well, dont you look adorable?" He asked when I ran ino his arms.
"Yeah, the two love birds are adorable. Lets go, we're gonna be late!"
"Well someones a little grumpy today, Zayn..." I replied to Mr. Snippy.
"I just want to see Perrie..."
"Then lets leave! You're the one slowing us down now!"

Once at the stadium Niall and I walked around for awhile being goofy and singing. When we went to go find the girls and guys, I started to get nervous. They're all talented and pretty, but I'm just me. They probably will get sick of me...
Danielle jumped up to give me a hug. "I'm so happy to meet you."
"We're exstatic that Niall's happy." Eleanor seemed genuine. Niall pulled me closer and kissed my forehead.
"The boys and I are going to practice, you ladies go do something fun." Liam said whi;e kissing Danilelle goodbye.
"What do you wanna do?" Perrie asked.
"Anythings good with me." I kinda whispered, I'm extreamly nervous.
"We never properly introduced ourselves." Danielle said. "Im Dani and thats Eleanor and Perrie."
"I'm Aurora."
"Dont be scared dear, we want Niall happy we wont run you off." Perrie chuckled.

Authors Note

So I know I havent written much lately, Ive been busy but Ive been thinking about it. I had my band concert yesterday (soo humiliating) plus the shooting today. Its been a long week but keep strong. I love you all.

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This Moment In Time Chapter 10 Aurora's POV When Niall woke

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