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Forever Young

A One Direction fanfiction
Chapter 4
Harry's P.O.V.

And finish it on a B flat.” Says Niall.
“Oh, no, that does’nt work.”
“What if we put a c flat on the end?” I suggest.
“Maybe…” Areida tries my suggestion out. “And I am going to stay…”
“Yeah, sounds good.”
“Okay! We have a song!”
And I Am Going To Stay is our next single. We sent it away to Simon and now we get to chill.
“So, what now?”
“We could get some food! I’m flipping starving, we’ve been at this for Four. Long. Hours.” Says Olivia.
“Yay! You like food too! Let’s get Nandos.” exclaims Niall.
“And then we watch Toy Story.” Says Liam.
“No. Way. We are watching Grease.” Interrupts Areida.
“WOOHOO!” shouts Louis.
“But I wanted to watch TOY STORY!!!!” whines Liam.
After nandos, we stop off at the video store. Louie grabs Grease and makes a run for the counter, Liam’s in the que too along with Niall, Olivia and Areida. Me and Zayn are still in the car.
“That creature is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” he says, sighing afterwards.
“What, Olivia?”
“No, Areida.”

Author’s note: Did you see that one coming?

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Forever Young A One Direction fanfiction Chapter 4 Harry's

6 faves · 3 comments · Dec 13, 2012 12:35am

Johanna Mason*


Johanna Mason*



pastelvelvet · 7 years ago
Yes ... I did. xDD Don't forget my love of Disney movies! I would've agreed with Liam!
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Johanna Mason* · 7 years ago
This is included in the next chapter, which is being constructed right now.
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pastelvelvet · 7 years ago
Yay! -squeal-
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