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Chapter 29

My living room was completely dark, with the exception of the dimmed light coming from the television.
Travis' arm was around me, pulling me in close to his chest.
I listened to every heartbeat of his, barely paying attention to the movie that the two of us had picked out.
Travis, on the other hand, had his gaze glued on the screen.
I stared up, noticing that his forest green eyes reflected the images from the television.
I gulped, before licking my lips.
To even think that Travis had once been with Scarlet made me cringe.
I never thought of the two of them being a couple, but who knew?
I never thought that I would've fallen for Travis, either.
My hands trembled, as I suddenly felt insecure about myself.
If Scarlet said that her and Travis had once slept together, and Travis didn't deny it, that meant that he was experienced.
I, on the other hand, haven't even had my first kiss yet.
Sighing, I thought about just how pathetic I was compared to Travis.
"You okay?" Travis whispered, his hot breath tickling the nape of my neck. "You've been off in your own world for the past few minutes."
I looked up at Travis, staring at the way his lips moved every time a word escaped his mouth.
He suddenly caught my gaze, making my cheeks turn flush red.
I stared back down at my tangled fingers, as I heard a soft chuckle above me.
"Riley," Travis said in a teasing tone, suddenly sending shivers down my spine, "were you staring at my lips?"
I clenched my jaw, as I shot a glare up at Travis, who was now smirking down at me with satisfaction. "No." I stubbornly muttered.
Travis laughed obnoxiously, as if he knew I was lying.
I suddenly felt him pulling me up, as our faces met each others.
He had a playful smirk across his rosy red lips, as he tilted my chin up with his index finger.
"Are you sure about that?" he breathed, his hands suddenly brushing my hair away from my neck.
My heart was hammering against my chest at just our close proximity, as I gulped.
"I'm sure." my voice came out high and unconvincing.
Travis suddenly licked his lips, only tempting me more. "I don't believe you." he whispered. "Are you sure you don't to kiss me?"
I blinked, as I watched Travis' eyes twinkle with amusement.
I finally came to realization that Travis had no intention of kissing me.
He wanted to tease me- that was all.
I decided to press my hands up against his chest, to push him away.
But, before I could, I felt his heart beat under my hands.
I almost gasped when they were fast- just like mine were.
Did he want to-
A suddenly quacking noise filled the room, making me spring away from Travis.
Travis groaned, as he dug in his pocket.
"I knew I should've changed that ringtone ages ago." Travis cursed under his breath, as I started to laugh.

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trouble Chapter 29 My living room was completely dark, with the

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Cutiee · 8 years ago
I feel in love with a guy in an online story...
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sonny123 happy witty anniversary! · 8 years ago
Ugh so close ! I love their relationship so much!
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Stephanie_Jordan · 8 years ago
I Always Check Your Profile EveryDay for Another Chapter x3 Could You Upload More Chapters A Day? Pretty Please!?? Im like In-Love With Your Stories!! You should make This a Book!
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LucilleLove2 · 8 years ago
I second that oppinion!
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fight4you · 8 years ago
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lisalacrosse97 · 8 years ago
i'm kind of confused lol
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Brianna_Burke · 8 years ago
Travis is in denial
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queer · 8 years ago

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softballlover123 · 8 years ago
2 things, one) Travis reminds me if this guy named Damien who I totally have a crush on and two) that happened to me after homecoming when I was hugging my date goodbye and my mom called and my ringtone is the duck lol
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LiliBlackHeart · 8 years ago
I have a crush on Travis, is that normal?
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3wordssayitall · 8 years ago
me 2>.<
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DⒶYϟ ◊F DIϟⒶϟTE®* · 8 years ago
as well as me
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bestiies101 · 8 years ago
I LOVE THIS!!! I can't wait for the next upload!!!!!
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youdontknowhowlovelyyouare · 8 years ago
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JeMiNe2016 · 8 years ago
That was hilarious. The last part I mean.
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LucilleLove2 · 8 years ago
I love the story sooooo much!!!! they are soo cute!!!!

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TellitTotheFrogs* · 8 years ago
I love this story sooo much. Update soon, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

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AlpacaPerson · 8 years ago
Aw I love this chapter, please upload again soon!!!
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JusttSmilee · 8 years ago
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