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Chapter 28

I hadn't even realized that Scarlet and I have disconnected ever since she confessed to me that she and Travis were together at one point in their lives.
I finally noticed that the two of us haven't been as close when I saw her sitting in lunch with all of her friends from cheerleading.
She had her strawberry blonde locks tied in a ponytail, with a bow in the center that had our school colors on it.
She was wearing her cheerleading uniform, and had her pom poms on her lap.
"Hi, Scarlet." I approached her, as everyone at her table stopped talking to stare at me in disgust.
Scarlet cleared her throat, before she gave me a tight smile. "Riley," she gritted through her teeth, "I didn't know that you still thought I exist."
Her words pierced through me like bullets, as I held in a shaky breath.
A bunch of the girls sitting around her laughed, giving me disgusted snickers.
"How do you leave Scarlet in the dark for some delinquent?" Lola, the cheer captain asked, raising an eyebrow.
My lip quivered, as I looked over at Scarlet, who didn't even dare to look me in the eyes.
Her focus was on the three sticks of celery that she had in front of her tray.
"You've got to admit, though." a red head suddenly piped up. "Travis Kapone is a hot piece of meat."
Lola smirked, rolling her eyes. "Obviously." she stared at her manicured fingers. "I just don't understand why he would go for a tramp like Riley, when he could have one of us."
I saw Scarlet narrowing her eyes at Lola, before she cleared her throat.
"Why don't you just leave, Riley?" she muttered under her breath.
My heart was pounding, as I stared at my best friend in disbelief.
Was this the end of our friendship?
We've been with each other since middle school, and she was just throwing it all out.
"By the way, Riley, you've got something on your face." Lola pointed out, before she picked up can of diet soda from her tray.
Before I knew it, the soda splashed all over me, dripping me from head to toe.
By now, the entire lunch room had their heads turned my way, laughing.
My cheeks turned bright red, as tears threatened to spill from my eyes.
"Coke isn't a cute color on you!" the red head shouted, as I ran out of the cafeteria.
I went home earlier that day so that I could wash all of that sticky Coke out of my hair.
Just an hour after I left school grounds, there was a ring at my doorbell.
Travis stood by my doorway, hands shoved in his pockets.
He chose today, again, to not where a shirt under his hoodie, revealing his tattoos.
"Travis," I muttered, staring down at the ground, "what are you doing here?"
Travis didn't say anything, as he invited himself in my house.
He looked around, before nodding slowly.
"So, is this how a normal house looks like?" he asked, referring to the fact that he practically lived in a mansion.
"Pretty much." I mumbled. "It's nothing compared to your house. I mean, your house is all big and you have a hot tub in your backyard, oh and that-"
"So, do you want to watch a movie or what?" Travis cut me off, raising an eyebrow.
I stared at him with disbelief for a moment, until I felt the corners of my lips tug up.
"Stop smiling and drooling over me and pick out a movie." Travis smirked.

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trouble Chapter 28 I hadn't even realized that Scarlet and

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my_life_is_my_music · 8 years ago
I love seeing you upload on here then on wattpad it makes me so over joyed
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jollyjenna1234 · 8 years ago
Honestly the best story I read, I read every single chapter and I can't wait for the next one!!!!
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Pokemonmaster34 · 8 years ago
but seriously ur so gooood...
I LOOOOVE your writing
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Erin2345 · 8 years ago
I love that you upload this and Forever and Always His pretty close together! :D
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Brianna_Burke · 8 years ago
Travis to the rescue!
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PutThatBladeAwayYoureBeautiful · 8 years ago
This is seriously the best story I have ever read.
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_beyoutiful_ · 8 years ago
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*Eternally lost...** · 8 years ago
AHHH...They are just !!!
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sonny123 · 8 years ago
Aw, this made me smile (:
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lisalacrosse97 · 8 years ago
wow...and travis didnt stick up for her when that b/tch poured coke all over riley's head... cool travis..
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lollipopx3 · 8 years ago
travis wasn't there lol
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Brianna_Burke · 8 years ago
maybe he wasn't there at the moment :| no clue. lol
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autumnsmitty · 8 years ago
thats what i was saying ! wa people are so rude, makes me feel like thats what people would do if some mean girl did that to me , everyone would just look and laugh. even if scarlet wasent her friend she should still have stuck up for her! wa a friend right there , and over a boy , and shes not even the tramp, the cheer leaders probs have diesease!
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Angie122395 · 8 years ago
i was thinking the same thing -_-
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lisalacrosse97 · 8 years ago
right !?
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Mascara · 8 years ago
OK THIS IS SO ADORABLE. Please update asap I am obsessed.
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nameyou2468 · 8 years ago
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