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This Moment In Time
Niall's POV

When Ro was telling me about her dad trying to kidnap her, and the way her mom treats her I made a decision. I dont know when I made it but I did; I couldn't let her go back there. I needed her with me.
When she finally calmed down enough we headed back to the house. When we got there the other boys were in the livingroom watching the X Factor. "Niall, is there anywhere I can take a shower?"
"Yeah, Ill walk you up and get you a change of my clothes. Ill send Louis or someone to get your stuff."
"No, its fine. Tomorrows Friday, I'll just skip."
While she was showering I went to the boys. I made a big decision that included them, but I didnt ask. I explained the situation, and by the time I was done they were ready to go kill someone. Ive never seen the boys become so protective, so quickly. I guess it helps that they all have little sisters.

Aurora's POV
After a long hot shower I changed into a pair of Niall's boxers and a t-shirt. It felt a little weird being in a guys clothes, even though I barely knew him. Something just made me trust him. Niall walked up and knocked on the door.
"Yeah?" I questioned.
"Are you decent?"
"Im dressed, but I dont look to good." He walked in while I was running a brush threw my brown hair. He went down to the livingroom to talk after everyone went to bed. We stayed up til the break of dawn. I fell asleep on a loveseat. Around 10:00 on Friday I woke up in Nialls bed with him next to me. He mustve carried me up.
He rolled over and saw I was awake. He smiled a little and whispered, "Hey."
I blushed a little. "Im going to make breakfast for you and the boys."
"Thats not nessicary."
"I know, but its the least I can do."

Authors Note
Sorry for any gramatical/spelling errors. Its about 1:30am. More chapters tomorrow.



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This Moment In Time Niall's POV When Ro was telling me about

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Unstoppable20 · 7 years ago
I just started reading these and I'm already in love with them!!! haha you need to post more chapters soon:)
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kendiee2 · 7 years ago
I just posted one, a few more will be up tonight. Im soo glad you like them(:
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Unstoppable20 · 7 years ago
yay! theyre amazing!
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AquaBubblezz · 7 years ago
Amazing :] Right some more?;3
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