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Chapter 27

I laid in Travis' bed, where his arms were snaked around my waist.
The two of us felt right together.
In his arms, I felt infinite.
I felt safe and secure, like I could be whoever I wanted to be without being judged by someone.
I was also a hundred percent sure that Travis felt the same way about me, since he has told me before that he liked that I hadn't criticized him the way most people did.
The only thing I wasn't sure about was if he returned the same feelings that I had for him.
Whenever I tried to ask him about it, I would always get choked up.
My mouth went dry every time I opened my mouth to ask him about it, and my heart would start beating in an irregular rate.
"You're shaking." Travis suddenly muttered into my hair, pulling me back a little bit. "Are you cold?"
I hadn't even realized that I was trembling until he pointed it out.
Plastering a forced smile upon my lips, I shook my head. "I'm fine."
Travis looked at me hesitantly, as if he knew that I was lying.
But, he decided to not say anything.
He pulled me back into his chest tightly, the back of my head buried in his neck.
Closing my eyes, I breathed in his musky scent that I grew to love.
"This feels right." Travis suddenly whispered, making my snap my eyes open.
Pulling away from him, I rolled over so that my face was facing his.
I frowned, licking my lips. "What do you mean?"
Travis' eyes were closed, as his long lashes touched his cheeks.
I bit in my lower lip, as my eyes trailed down to his rosy pink lips that were just slightly parted.
"I'll never trust another girl the way I trust you." Travis muttered under his breath, as if he was talking in his sleep.
I gulped the ball that was clogged up in my throat, as my fingers reached out to brush away the dark strand of hair that had fallen in his eyes.
I took in a deep breath, noticing how badly I wanted to be the girl that he trusts so much.
"Travis." I shook his shoulders, trying to get him to wake up.
Travis barely stirred, as he knitted his eyebrows together. "Hm?" he hummed.
My hands suddenly shook, as my heart dropped to the pit of my stomach.
Travis was half asleep, and I've never wanted to tell someone something as much as I wanted to tell him right now.
"Travis, I-" I paused, letting out a short breath of air, "I love you."
Travis didn't respond, and I took it to conclusion that he had fallen asleep.
Sighing, I laid myself back down so that I was positioned in his arms.
I closed my eyes, as my heart pounded rapidly against my chest from the confession I just made.
I just admitted to Travis Kapone that I love him.
It crushed me to the core that I was never going to find out how he felt about it.
Travis' Point of View
"I love you." I heard Riley whisper, just as I was about to knock out.
I suddenly didn't feel so tired anymore, as my senses woke me up.
Riley stayed silent for a moment, probably waiting for me to say something.
But, I just couldn't.
I guess she thought that I had fallen asleep, because I heard her sighing before she laid back in my arms, where she belonged.
She finally fell asleep half an hour later, but I was still wide awake.
I love you.
Closing my eyes, I clenched my jaw.
Riley couldn't love me.
She was making a mistake.

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trouble Chapter 27 I laid in Travis' bed, where his arms

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Pandepp · 9 years ago
Update more often! I like checkmevery hour to see if you have updated :3 i looovvveee this story! So addicting!
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Dakota399 · 9 years ago
You need to update more~~!! I come online and this is the first story I check to see if it's here but usually it isnt!
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JuniorMint801 · 9 years ago
do you notify? i just read all 27 chapters of your story and absolutely loved it! keep writing(:
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ecawesomeness · 9 years ago
SO GOOD PLEASE WRITE FASTER :) cant wait for the next chapter
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queer · 9 years ago
asdfghjkll noo i just cant anymore cOME ON TRavis
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rosejal · 9 years ago
why is she making a mistake? :O!
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IrishRoast247 · 9 years ago
"And i swear, in that moment, we were infinite." Lol i love that book and this story. <3
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gracexo · 9 years ago
ahhh. i love this.
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Brianna_Burke · 9 years ago
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LilyIsCrazy98 · 9 years ago
"i felt infinite"
perks of being a wallflower reference ? (:
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_beyoutiful_ · 9 years ago
skjhfdkadfksjdhfskdhfakldfjhb I physically can't anymore. This.. I... I don't know. ksdhfsfs
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scenes_r_aweshome · 9 years ago
ugh, you"re such a great writer! This is really cute:)
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Pesadilla · 9 years ago
i moimvosfcinsfckwdcmocowiec
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randi* · 9 years ago
This story is perfect
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SkyBluexxx · 9 years ago
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SophiaIzAwesome · 9 years ago
soo true i agree with pinkfrosting321! it's perfection!!
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pinkfrosting321 · 9 years ago
This story is perfection. Every character, every sentence, every feeling I get when I read it. You are an amazing writer. This is the best story I've seen on witty since I've joined <3
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livlivo · 9 years ago
I'm obsessed with this story. <3
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SetFireToTheRain · 9 years ago
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youdontknowhowlovelyyouare · 9 years ago
This story is honestly the only reason i go on witty. YOU'RE AMAZING
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