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A Girl Forever Gone

Her Face Is Puffy and red, While painful tears stream down her sad face.
She cries out loudly, Hopeing someone will her her silent screas.
So Many voicing going through her head,
Telling her how beter she would feel if she were dead.
She places her shaking hands over her ears, trying not to listen.
She yells out once again for help, Yet noone comes to her rescue.
Then shee remains siting there on the cold bathroon floor While the clock ticks by.
Her body starts to shake uncontrolably, Unable to stop at all.
Starting to relize that none cares, Feeling so alone and helpless.
She finally come to a desicion that there is only 1 thing left to do.

She brings her shaking hands together, Closes her eyes and prays.
She speaks to god 1 last time, and this is what she says:
" Lord. im so tired of the pain inside. it just wont go away. I cant shed anymore tears. it hurts.
The voicees in mty head wont go away.
My Heart aches so bad.
Noone loves me, noone cares, noone wants me and noone can help me now.
I tried being the girl that everyone wanted, but i just cant do it anymore.
All i wanted is for someon to love me, God.
Was that to much to ask?
Im so sorry god, But i have to end my suffering the only way i know how.
Please... forgive me for what im about to do."

She opens her eyes, for 1 last time
she quickly grabs her razor blade
She forces it against her wrist
She starts slitting her veins, Deeper and deeper
The blood pours on the floor, all over
Feeling weaker and weaker.. becoming more unconscious
The Blade drops from her hand,
she collapses on the floor,
The Girl that noone cared about... is finally, No more.
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A Girl Forever Gone Her Face Is Puffy and red, While painful

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brittrox1234 · 9 years ago
That was really sad :'(
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