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My Princess

Katarina Percival was just a normal girl. Brown hair, green eyes, loved her family and her music; oh and of course, One Direction.

So when her best friend sends a tweet to the boys (One Direction) about her birthday and love for singing, Louis decides to bring her on stage… In front of over 81, 000 screaming fans. Katarina + a crowd… They don’t mix.

Not one bit.

Even still, Katarina manages to survive through it (even if it ends with her fainting in their dressing room) and somehow manages to find friends in them. Maybe even a love interest in a certain blond-haired, Irish fellow…
But Katarina is just a plain-ol-jane?


Well, according to Niall Horan, Katarina Percival is something else entirely.

“I’m not that beautiful or gorgeous.” I sighed, staring into the mirror. “Not anywhere close. Cute, yes; pretty, maybe; beautiful or gorgeous, not a chance.”

Niall didn’t answer me. He simply got up and
stood behind me, placing a little tiara I had worn to the concert we first met. I smiled at him slightly as he wrapped his arms around me. “Does it matter? You’re mine…” He placed a gentle kiss against my neck before turning me around so I could look into his eyes. They were sparkling with love and care. Then he said something that sent chills down my spine.

“I love you. Why? Because you’re my princess.”


Do you guys like it? This is my fanfiction and I have it up somewhere else so if you want, just comment on my profile or this quote and i will send you the link to it. If anyone wants me to continue putting it up on here, please tell me :))
Any questions, feel free to ask. <33 
Much love!

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My Princess Summary Katarina Percival was just a normal girl.

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bella is a penguin * · 7 years ago
Can I be Katarina's bestie please? And can I end up going on stage with her and Liam ends up falling in love with me? Just a suggestion if ya don't think so then just say so. Byeeeeee!
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pandabear13 · 7 years ago
Notify please
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amber_bubbles_98 · 7 years ago
Sure thing :))
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