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I dont know why im still alive.
Maybe those people are right.. maybe i should go die.
Im just tired of pretending EVERYDAY that im okay, when on the inside, im not.
my Few friends tell me that they worry about me... i dont see why :/
huhh.. im just tired. :'(

People at school know that i cut now..
people know ive tried to kill myself..
they try to help me... but it just doesnt work.
I honestly dont see how they think im "Pretty" or anything. They must me lieing.
Im Tired of it all.
Just... Tired :'(
I need serious help.

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I dont know why im still alive. Maybe those people are right..

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Every1stellingmeSecrets · 9 years ago
TELL. please. no one is going to do it for you. i wish i had the courage to tell
i have 3 lives in my hands and i hold there fate. you are beautiful, and worth it
put your hand on your chest now. feel that? its your heart. your here for a reason. god loves you. good luck
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Cloudsinthesky · 9 years ago
They aren't lying I promise you. They are trying to help, as much as they can without fully understanding your situation. I know what you are going through, I have felt the same way, I have been with others who have felt and still feel the same way. But just remember that everyday has potential and though the great day that changes everything may not be tomorrow, may not be next week but soon, with a bit of hope faith and friendship, that day of truly feeling happy again and feeling generally better will come. So stay strong, you stunning girl and know if you need to talk, Im here. <3 xx
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