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»Top Ten Challenge«

Day One - 10 facts about yourself
Day Two - 10 favorite movies
Day Three - 10 favorite TV shows
Day Four - 10 favorite baby names for boys
Day Five10 favorite baby names for girls
Day Six - 10 favorite foods
Day Seven - 10 favorite drinks
Day Eight - 10 favorite desserts

Day Nine - 10 favorite book series
1) the summer i turned pretty
2) hunger games
3) life as we knew it
4) Twilight Saga 
5) Sarah Dessen Books
6) along for the ride
7) and then there were none
8) North of Beautiful 
9) The walking dead
10) do fortune cookies count? lool 

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»Top Ten Challenge« Day One - 10 facts about yourself

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CaitlinGo · 9 years ago
SORRY FOR THE SPAM but, I love poetry and I indeed have another account called _To_A_Poet If you would be so kind to follow it, its a new account and please read through my poems comment what you think and go ahead and fave them if you do so I will be so grateful - Thanks
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