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For the price of:                  You could have:
     Breast Implants                        A year of college tuition
A years worth of slim-fast            Plane tickets to Europe
        One month of fake tanning             A one hour massage         
A set of salon highlights                 Two weeks of groceries
       Uncomfortable shoes                   Gas for a 1,200 mile trip     
A pair of designer jeans                A lift ticket at a ski resort
         A set of acrylic nails                 A day at the amusement park   
    A breast enhancing bra                 An afternoon canoe trip     
     12 fashion magazines                Dinner at a nice restaurant    
     Another tube of lipstick           
A long distance call to a friend      

Love your body; It'll save you alot

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For the price of: You could have: Breast Implants A year of college

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