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October Breeze
Chapter Four: Cam's POV

With every footstep in the pasture, I fall deeper in my lies. Already. I just got to this d*mn place, and I've lied about everything. I don't know why I'm trying so hard to impress Lennox. 
When I finally reach her, I'm momentarily captivated by her gorgeous brown locks, and her striking blue eyes. I almost forget what I wanted to say, but then it hits me.
The horse is hurt. I sigh, and catch my breath before opening my mouth to speak. I'm not sure how to put it. It just comes out of my mouth, all scrambled. 
"The horse, the one I was on. It fell, and I don't know what to do. Your mom, she's there. She told me to come get you. I, I, I'm sorry." 
She looks at me, then down at her leg, then up at me again.
"First you burn down my house, then you hurt my horse, aren't you such a sweetheart?" She sarcastically looks right past me. I take her hand, and help her walk to the horse. 
"You know," I say. "This whole time I've been here, I've been trying to impress you. It hasn't worked one bit, I don't get it. How can I get you to like me?"
Her eyes widen when they look at me, before looking away. Her pale cheeks turn into a rosy red color, and she smiles to herself, then frowns again.
"I don't like smokers," She says. "I don't like bad boys, no morals, and when people aren't respectful. And besides, your pants are too low. You gotta know how to dress, and act before anything is ever considered." 
"Teach me," I admit. "Teach me to be good." 
"You can't be taught to be good by someone else, you need to teach yourself." 
I nod, and we finally get to the horse. Lennox's mom is sitting down, her shirt sleeve ripped off, and tied around the hoof. Lennox leans down, and helps raise the horses leg. She takes the remaining nail out of the hoof, barehanded. I raise an eyebrow, and back up. The horse-shoe comes off, and the horse kicks a little. 
A bright red truck barrells down a path, scaring the limp horse. 
Out of it steps a short guy, with a tanned face. He's shorter than me, but much taller than Lennox. He gets in front of Lennox, and does something I can't see. Lennox comes over to me, with tears in her eyes. 
I put my arm around her, feeling guilty, it was all my fault. I look down at her, looking up at me. 
"I will not touch one cigarette ever again, all for you." 
"You really like me, why?" 
I lick my lips before speaking. 

Author's Note: Well, what do you think of Cam's point? Should I alternate? Or keep it Lennox's POV? COMMENT. 


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October Breeze Chapter Four: Cam's POV With every footstep

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