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A - Available = Yes
B - Birthday =April 6 of 1999
C- Crush =Niall Horan
D - Drink you had last =Milk
E - Easiest person to talk to =Alise
F - Favorite song=Blown Away by Carrie Underwood (Though Rock Me by One Direction is a close 2nd).
G - Grossest memory = The time I ate Chop Sui at my cousins house and puked.
H - Hometown =Auburndale Wisconsin
I - In love with =Niall Horan
J - Jealous of =Emma Roberts
K - Killed someone =Haha yeah right...... but no
L - Longest friendship = 4 years
M - Milkshake flavor =Chocolate..... duh!
N - Number of siblings =Cero in Spanish or 0
O - One wish =That I could be skinny.
P - Person who called you last =My friend Mikayla
Q - Question your always asked =None really, nobody notices me, I'm just a face in the crowd.
R - Reason to smile =My friends being stupidly hilarious.
S - Song you last sang =The A Team by Ed Sheeran (And may I add that I recorded it to see why people say I suck at singing and almost cried becasue I sounded so terrible)
T - The best thing that ever happened to you =Moving back to my current school after being bullied at my old school.
U - Underwear color = Teal
V - Very best friend (s) =Mikayla, Felicity, Alise, and Meghan
W - Worst habit =Pushing my glasses up, it looks very nerdy.
X - X rays you had =None
Y - Your last time you cried =Today when I yawned, I cry everyday because whenever I yawn, I cry.
Z - Zodiac sign =Aries, which I find kind of funny because Aries is the Greek god of war and I am so not into war, it would be really easy to mug me................


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A - Available = Yes B - Birthday =April 6 of 1999 C- Crush =Niall

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