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October Breeze
Chapter Two: Lennox's POV

I pause for a second before running into the barn. The horses neigh in fear, kicking around in their stalls. I grab two at a time, and get them out. Cam runs in before me, grabbing another two. I run in hopes of getting the last two.
The barn is full of smoke. I cover my mouth and nose with my sleeve until I feel the latch of the horse stall. Not meaning to, the horse kicks me down. The blood starts running down my leg, and I can't move it. I push myself to the last stall, and open the latch. I move out of the way so the horse doesn't hit me. 
I cover my mouth and nose, but I get dizzy. 
"Lennox," My mom calls. "Lennox?!" 
"Over," My voice is faint. "Over here..." 
"Lennox?" Her voice gets closer. She's breathing heavily. 
I feel a pair of strong hands pick me up, but I can't breathe.
My eyes close, and everything goes black. 
* * *
"You alright?" My mom's voice soothes me. She brushes the strands of hair out of my eyes. 
I nod, everything still blurry. 
"Is everything alright?" My voice is still scratchy. 
"Surprisingly, yes." My mom smiles at me. 
"Did all the horses get out alright?" 
My mom doesn't answer, she looks away before looking back at me. "Pegasus ran away." She doesn't make eye-contact, but I can see her eyes tearing up. Pegasus is her favorite horse, her first horse she bought for the farm. 
I sit up, and notice that I'm not in a hospital, I'm in the back of an ambulance. It's not moving, and the doors are open. 
"Can I go see it?" I rub my forehead. She nods, clearing her eyes. I get up, and walk with a limp. I see my lower pant leg cut off, and see a few stitches in my leg. I look up, and see the house, looking fine. The barn has a few black spots. I walk through it, noticing a few charred bags of grain. I walk out the back of the barn, and see the back of the house. The once perfectly straight porch is fallen into the ground. I see a small, burnt cigarette, that looks like it might've started the fire. 
Cam kicks his feet, looking at the blackened porch. He sees me, and quickly puts out a cigarette, and turns the other way.
"Don't even think about it," I look at him. "Stop, please. I can't run after you." 
"What?" He looks at me. 
"It was you, wasn't it? Who started the fire, with those d*mn cigarettes!" 
"You don't have any proof..." 

Author's Note: Two chapters in one day? Woohoo! Well, what do you think? I know I really like this chapter. Not only does it say a lot about Lennox, but it opens up a whole new side to Cameron! Hope you're liking it. 


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October Breeze Chapter Two: Lennox's POV I pause for a second

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