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So today I finally saw my boyfriend. He came to vist me. 
We were infront of my house hugging some girl probably in her
20s or younger said "I bet your mom don't let you do that" 
me and my boyfriend didn't say anything. 
We went to some little park think by my house its in my
neighborhood right across the street from my house. 
Well it's not really a park its just a grass field were kids play football,
Soccer, ect. Anyways well we went there and the park thing is 
beside her house. When we went there she said 
"umm excuse me but I don't want you here I have a son and
i don't want him to see you two making out."
well umm excuse me but first of all
we were hugging not making out second of all
We weren't infront of your house so you can't tell us to 
leave and lastly you have a son and your like 20! Your always
making out with your boyfriend infront of your son 
ive seen it myself! And if you actually cared about your
son you wouldn't yell at him like you do. So stfu -.-

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TurtleRawr · 9 years ago
You and your boyfriend shouldve made out to make her mad :P
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rainbowbunnies · 9 years ago
I know huh c:< Haha it would of been Hallarious
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