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[it's simple, really- i like how you drink hot cocoa in the middle of summer, when it's 80 something degrees out, and i like how you scrunch up your face when it burns your tongue. i like how you have that one pair of jeans with the big hole in the knee, and i like how you wear them almost every week. i like how big your hands are compared to mine and i like that little scar on your pinky. i like that your favorite band is 3 Doors Down, i like the look in your eyes when one of their songs comes on the radio. i like how you failed your driver's test the first time around, but you tried again. i like how you aren't afraid to sing in public. i like how you lean on my shoulder and i like how you blush when i tell you how cute you are. i like how angelic you look when you're sleeping and i like waking up next to you. i like your sense of humor and the sarcastic comebacks nobody ever sees coming. i like how you're obsessed with baseball on the extirior, but inside you're really just trying to find something to please your father. i like how you seem so nonchalant and rebellious on the outside, but there's a sweetness to you at the core. i like your long rants and i like talking to you on the phone while it's raining. i like the sound of your voice and how you don't quite have that perfect six pack. i like how your blue eyes and blonde hair sparkle compared to my dull brown. i like how you listen to my problems and i like that little dance you do when you think nobody's looking. i like how adorable you are. i just really like you.}

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[it's simple, really- i like how you drink hot cocoa in the

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