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I cut the other day.
It was my first time cutting in a month. 
Do you want to know something?
It felt awesome.
If I don't succeed, tonight,
I'll be in the hospital.
If I do succeed tonight,
Please place flowers on my grave.
I love you.

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I cut the other day. It was my first time cutting in a month.

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gottalivetodie · 7 years ago
You have so much to live for. I can't believe this but I'm worried right now and my stomach just dropped to the floor. Im crying and this isn't fair. I don't know what's going through your head right now but it'll pass. If you're talking about suicide, it's not the answer. Suicide is not going to help anything. Youre thinking about a permanent ending to a temporary problem. Please just think for one moment.,, please. This isn't want you want. Jdfbjakspwlrbwkshystvdhwjekslwla please.
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