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         hi guys ,

okay im going to vent , even though there isn't a vent category anymore .
i have / had a group of friends , an we where really close and stuff , but then all of the sudden they watched a movie together and invited everyone except me . so i felt lonely and i got angry and upset ,
and i told them that they didn't have to do it so sneaky and just had to tell me if they didn't want me to be there .
then they said i had missunderstood them and we got into this big fight .

they said that they where done with me and that real friends don't think/do that kind of stuff .
i said that they had to think about how they would feel if i invited everyone except them .
and then they said , "we would act normally and we woudn't got upset . and i was like WHAT . 

i think we are no longer friends anymore , they are so different and i don't really understand why they would do something like that . 

if you have read all of this , thank you so much . and i need help , what do you guys think about this and what would you do if you where me in this situation ? and what should i do now ? 

please help ! 

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hi guys , okay im going to vent , even though there isn't

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amandawitty · 9 years ago
I agree with the first person that commented...this happened to me before too and I was mad, just like you. And I think you should just ignore it and act normal because you don't know why they didn't invite you..maybe they just forgot. And just because some of your friends hang out, doesn't mean they always have to invite you. So just act normal around them and act as though you are over it and things should get better! If not, then they aren't true friends.
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fashiontoday · 9 years ago
Thank you so much ! ♥
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Harper* · 9 years ago
wait for those to come crawling back to you. they don't deserve you :)
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BballForever20 · 9 years ago
This situation happened to me this summer...and still now but I just ignore it my friends didn't say anything to me they just acted like it didn't happen so I would ignore it and try to find other people to hang out with
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