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RIP Josh
I'm honestly tired of everyone saying "RIP Avalanna, we miss you". Yeah, it's sad, but you didn't know her. I know what Justin is going through and I totally respect him, I'm going through the same thing as him right now. I had the same kind of relationship with my baby boy Josh. He was only 2 and didn't deserve to have cancer. I did everything I could to make him smile. I still can't believe hes gone and I'm crying while writting this. Cancer Sucks. No one deserves to have to deal with it. If everyone really "feels bad" about Avalanna, they can go out and meet a little kid with cancer and see what it's really like. It's not like sitting on your favorite celebrity's lap. 

Josh~I miss you so much. I love you to the moon and back Prince. You'll always be my sweet baby, nothing can change that. I wish you could have taken the baby doll that I gave you with you, but you probably have plenty of memories to smile about just like I do. Thank you for teaching me one of the most important things in life: to enjoy the little things while they're there. I hope God gives fist pumps. I can already garentee you made plenty of friends and are finally playing outside like a beautiful, funny, smiling, 2 year old. You've always had thoughs beautiful angel wings, but it must have been nice to finally use them to fly to heaven.
I miss you and I love you

-RIP Josh-
Heaven Gained an Angel
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RIP Josh❤ I'm honestly tired of everyone saying "RIP

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