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To the girls and boys who work too hard,
to the children who've never recieved a Birthday card.

To those who take the time to stop and smell the roses,
to the people for whom every opportunity closes.

To the girls in the back, sitting quiet in class,
to the boys who've never been to Sunday Mass.

To those who fall in love hard, without a second look,
to those who always put up their guard and don't live as an open book.

To those who stumble and always trip,
to those who bite their tongue and hold back their wit.

To those who are missing somebody every single day,
to those who can never get the puzzle pieces to fit the right way.

To those who long for freedom, an escape from their world,
to those who fall asleep in their sheets crying, tangled, and curled.

To those with the scars and slits on their wrists,
to those who are always looking for a bigger twist.

To those who paint up walls of grey, as to keep dissapointment far away,
to those who leave us hanging, nothing more they have to say.

To those who hate that they're so imperfect,
to those who have flaws but know how to work it.

To those who are beaten, battered, and giving up,
to those who want to be skinny and make themselves throw up.

To those who have a baby bump, far too young,
to those who go out every night for a little fun.

To those who fight for our country and keep us safe,
to those who's sexuality is frowned upon, they're called a 'disgrace'.

To all of you- tall, chubby, young, or old-
who feel like there will be no comeback- hope vanquished out in the cold-

Somebody loves you. Somebody would miss you. Somebody wants to help you.
When things start to go bad, please keep up your hope.
There are places you will go in this world, things you will see and do,
you need to be alive for them all to happen.
And above all else, please always remember,
"If you're going through hell, keep going." ~ Winston Churchill

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To the girls and boys who work too hard, to the children who've

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