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Today on the news 

 There was a story about these kittens that had rocks thrown at them while being born and only two made it out alive,I couldn't help but cry, I mean these harmless kittens that did nothing to anyone had rocks thrown at them for no reason but for the humor of some sick person,And this isn't the only thing that's happen, A couple months ago two teenage boys drown two kittens in a pitcher of water and held them down with a spoon because they thought it was "funny" and their parents said they think their kids didn't do anything wrong.
REALLY?!?! theres nothing wrong with your child taking another life even if it's not a human it's still sick and wrong.
It saddens me to think that this is what our generation has come to.


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Today on the news There was a story about these kittens that

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AlpacaPerson · 7 years ago
I almost just threw up
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