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Live While We're Young
t h r e e 

Kelsy's POV:
Within the next hour or so, we managed to pick up up Lizzie, Julia, Brooke, and Rachel. 
I guess there wasa few bunks, all in which the boys and us girls would share.
The boys, and all of the girls except for Lizzie and I were in the room separated from the rest of the bus, with the bunks, listening to music.
"So Kelsy, got your eye on any of them?" Lizzie asked, making me giggle quietly, and blush slightly as my head bobbed up and down.
"Who?!" She laughed, and layed back on the pillows.
"You promise not to tell?" 
"Of course not, i never do, do i?!" 
"It's Zayn." I giggle, and her mouth curves into a smile.
"What're You smiling about Liz?" I asked, confused.
"You two would make a cute couple, that's all." She insisted.
All of a sudden, the song boyfriend boyfriend by justin bieber came on.
I'll admit, i'm a belieber, even thought i don't like most pop stars.
"HEY GIRL, LET ME TALK TO YOU." Lizzie yelled back, and we both started singing the main chorus obnoxiously loud.
All of a sudden, i felt someone spin me around, and he started to sing with me.
The one with blond hair, oh, Niall!
I giggled, as he started to dance with me. 
"WE GOTTA BELIEBER UP IN HEAAA!" I yelled, making Lizzie giggle as the song ended, and Weightless by All Time Low came on.

Zayn's POV:
I stood there, watching Niall dance with Kelsy.
I couldn't help but let jealousy bubble up inside of me.
God, why can't that be me?


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