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Whisper My Name
Chapter Six
Ronnie's P.O.V

"Hey beautiful," Carter's familiar voice says. "Funny seeing you here."
"Shut up." I turn away from him. 
"Listen, Ronn..." He tries to grab my arm, but I don't let him. "Please?"
"Just stop, okay? Now isn't the time." I move towards the door. 
"Why are you even here then? You know I work here."
"You think I'm here to see you?" I turn back against him, fighting the tears.
I grew up with the mindset that if you cry infront of people, 
they'll think you're weak. I'm not supposed to be weak.
"Of course you are," He laughs. "You love me too."
"Carter, my mom tried overdosing on pills, the last person I wanted to see
was you." He gives me a look, and walks away.
I didn't mean it. I promise, I didn't mean it. Carter, come back.
I can't talk, if I talk, I'll break down. I'll cry, and I'll look weak.
The nurse comes out, and pulls me aside. 
"Your mom," She takes a long pause. "Something went wrong."
Something went wrong?
Something went wrong?
She's going to die? 
I fall to the ground in tears.
I'm done being strong, I can't do it anymore.
"I'm so sorry, Veronica..." My dad comes over.
He kneels beside me, putting his hand on my shoulder.
"She's not going to die," The nurse tries to reassure. 
My dad whispers something to her, then they both look at me.
"She's in the ICU, they're doing the best they can."
"They're not going to do good enough," I cry. "You always see it in the movies, something goes wrong, and the mom dies, I don't want my life to be like a d*mn movie, I want her to be okay."
"Nurse Ang," A doctor comes running out. "We lost her."

Is it bad that I almost cried while reading this? I think so.
So, comment to be notified people! 


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Whisper My Name Chapter Six Ronnie's P.O.V "Hey beautiful,"

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☾Cinthya☽* · 7 years ago
Ohmygosh!! I cried while reading this!! :'(
Can i get a notification to the next chapter?
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