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this quote isn't gonna be pretty. I'm dying inside, crying on the outside. Realization hurts. If you read this, thank you so so so so much for somewhat caring.

EVERYONE. I always lose everyone. My father, friend. I'm losing both of my siblings once I move, I just lost Jason, too. Just a second ago. The one person I wanna talk to is my boyfriend, who I'm also losing and I can't! I'm losing my grandmother soon. My brother came in and just gave me a hug, and a lecture on how it'll be better with out Jason. But.. I'm EVERYONE'S second except Echo. Even Caleb's. He'd always choose Maddi over me, but he won't admit it. Please don' tell me to break up with him, he's 1/4 of what I have left. I swear, I'll never get to be anyone else's first, even if they're mine. All of my friends like Caleb better. They rather hang out with him. I'd choose my friends over him though. And one of my closest friends are his first and she's his. I have no one but Echo anymore, who's sick with her phone turned off. Don't worry, I'll keep working on the Witty Hunger Games, you lovlies are blowing up my notifications for it. I have like, thirty right now. Thank you, really. 
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this quote isn't gonna be pretty. I'm dying inside, crying

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sockmonkey317 · 9 years ago
if you wanna explain the story more fully to me then i'd love to listen and give you advice:)
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