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You - Yes, you. Ever have suicidal thoughts? Ever wonder  if people would miss you if you were gone? Ever wonder how it would feel to be. . . well, dead? Well, so have I. I have occasionally wondered how everything would be if I were dead. I popped the question to a few friends, family, and myself. Remember - you are feeling suicidal, or you are suicidal - whichever you are, it is just a state of being, a feeling. Feelings go away over time. With help, they can, and even on their own they will. If you are suicidal, it is easy to change your view on life when you find out how. And I am here to help you. 
First off, think about everyone you've ever met. Held a conversation with. Maybe you were a teacher's pet for one or a few teachers. If you have any siblings, think about them. If you have a dog, think about them. Now think, how would their lives change? Well. . . 
-Your friend(s) would be in devastation. They would think, 'where did I go wrong?' (Like in the Fray's 'How to Save a Life'. They would cry their eyes out, and feel as if they had done nothing when you may or may not have cried to them for help. But remember, having a suicidal friend isn't easy either. I know firsthand. Though I tried my best, she would say that she didn't see a purpose for living. Luckily, she is still alive today and is enjoying life. Anyways, your friend(s) could develop depression, an eating disorder, etc (depending on how close you were). Either way, you will be greatly missed. Imagine if one of your closest friends died. How would that affect you? It is important not to be selfish when contemplating suicide. Because the deletion of your existence would affect many.
-Your past beloved teacher(s) will greatly miss you. They wanted to see how you would grow up to be, and how much knowledge you acquired. 
-Your sibling(s). You fought and fought and fought with them. You called each other ugly. They wished you were dead. Deep inside, they don;t. They'd be devastated. Who would protect them against bullies at school, online, etc? Who would offer advice? Who would tease you, challenge you? They would miss you greatly, believe it or not. I know my sibling has called me ugly, fat, whale, but I know that she would miss me if I were to leave. I know that soon she'd want to be an aunt to my children. I cannot take that away from her. It is not her fault that I get angry at times. Remember, they cannot control how you take things. Most are oblivious to how they make you feel. Many don't know or understand, so it's best to tell them.
-Your pet. Dogs in particular sense when one is gone - And your dog would be pacing back and forth, back and forth around your house, restless. 'Where have they gone?' They think helplessly. They walk around in your room, and get up and lie on your bed. They sniff your scent, wishing you were there. All of those times you pet your dog, played with them, they remember it faintly, and miss you. They sense something is off with the rest of your family.
-Your parents. Whether they are living or dead, they want you to do well. Carry on your family pride by living and doing what you live. Make them proud. They will be in devastation if you leave, and though some may say they don't care, truth is, they do. They do care. If they're always stressed and seem mad at you, maybe they have financial problems, health problems, etc. Not all parents will reveal if anything is wrong to their children. 
-Boyfriends/Girlfriends past and present. I don't have a boyfriend. Never have. But if you have had one, or do, ask them for help. They will miss you greatly. Your past loves will wonder what they did wrong, and/or if they caused it. If boys/girls are the source of your depression, remember: This too shall pass. Don't get hung up all over someone who may not even care about you. Because soon you will find someone who is PERFECT for you, and will compliment you. But how will you ever find that out if you're either ashes in an urn or six feet below the ground?
The point is, many will miss you. You are young. You have a future ahead. If you still feel haunted by your thoughts, find a hobby. If you don't feel like your hobby takes your mind off of things, find another one, because that one isn't good enough. I crochet. I play my instrument. I write out all of my feelings in INK to really let it settle in. I cry it all out at night and wake up with a great, big smile on my face. I talk to my friends about it, my mom (who assures me that it will pass), and even my dog. When I cry, my dog licks away all of my tears and stays by my side, curled up beside me on my bed behind my locked door. Call it disgusting, but honestly, it is a sign of affection and caring and love that  dogs can provide. If you don't have one, consider getting one. They are great help, comfort, company, a great alarm system if someone creepy is behind or around you while walking, they make you feel loved, and petting them can help lower blood pressure. If you or a family member has allergies, consider a poodle or maltese. These breeds don't shed, are caring and intelligent, and are hypoallergenic, though they do require a daily brushing to keep them looking cute and knot free. But the brushing can be theraputic, with repeated strokes. They can even help you get out more and take daily morning walks. Daily morning walks on break or walks when I can on the weekend really help me out, and make me feel happier and refreshed. Talking to yourself or a dog can help you organize your thoughts. Talk to a close friend you really trust. Anyways, the main idea is to find a hobby that suits you. Once you find it, living becomes amazing.
Nothing in life is easy. Nothing worth having comes easy. There are OTHER people out there that are suicidal, too. They think that nothing will get better. But to be honest, you don't need a therapist to help you realize this: It gets better. My mother told me that and I stick by it. Life will get better, sooner or later. And you, my lovely, should be alive to see that happen. Remember, once you're DEAD, you're DEAD. Think about all of the great things you'll be missing if you die. Please, be thoughtful and intelligent. Consider all of the people/pets I have mentioned above. Nothing will be the same. Nothing will get better if you die. Stay strong. I know it's hard to believe, but stay strong. You're not alone. My ask box on Tumblr is ALWAYS open, and anonymous IS on if you are shy. I will reply publicly if anonymous, so you can see the reply, and privately if you are off anonymous. I will help you, I promise. I will try to lighten the mood up for you, too. Anything. With school and all, I will do my very best to answer you, so please keep that in mind. Click on my other links to Free Rice, Rainy Mood, Quiet Place, the Thoughts Room, go on Cleverbot and talk to an insane robot, and distract yourself. Because you're worth it. Please remember this whenever you're feeling down. Because suicide isn't going to help anything. It's going to make things worse.

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You - Yes, you. Ever have suicidal thoughts? Ever wonder if people

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