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Can you see me? 
Can you tell that I am struggling, that I'm not myself anymore,
that I'm not where I used to be?

Can you tell that what used to be me,
in all my vibrance and colors, 
have become little more than an ethreal shadow?
Barely here, and barely there.

Can you see me?
Or am I falling so fast
that I am nothing more than 
a blur in the side of your vision?

I wouldn't blame you if you couldn't.
I can't even see myself.
Even the air passes through me,
as if I do not exist.

The ground will though.
It will feel the full force of all that I am
and all that I have been.
Everything that was part of me,
everything that I took for granted,
would be felt and seen by the ground that
failed to catch me, and killed me.
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Can you see me? Can you tell that I am struggling, that I'm

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