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break up

NiallHoranOneLove · 7 years ago
Yess...exactly what happened with the boy I love..he just woke up one morning and told me it was over...out of nowhere..like I meant nothing to him...while I'm here crying he makes it looks so effortless to forget everything...
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①ⒹⒻⒶⓃ ⒾⓈ ⓂⓎ ⒷⒻⒻ❣ღ* · 7 years ago
yes. my best guy friend did this to me on the last day of 7th grade. im still haunted by it. and ive sent a few messages through fb but he didnt answer to any. :c
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sbrowder926 · 7 years ago
yes yes a thousand times yes. my best friend did this to me. the one person who knew everything about me and all my secrets decided randomly to not be my friend anymore. it killed me
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mexismoo · 7 years ago
i saw this as someones display pic on bbm and they probably never felt like that before. they think there depressed when there not, there really not. They probably haven't even lost a friend before
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roseth0rn · 7 years ago
this explains my past relationship so good! can i put it on my profile?
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