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Last night was his funeral
The last night I'd ever see that young face again.
The last night I'd actually be able to look at the face that held so many smiles.
Talk to him and not a picture.

It was so hard not to cry but I finally gave up and let the tears come.
I know you would want us all to be happy that you're in a better place.
You wouldn't want us crying.
I know you'd make everyone in this small town laugh and smile again
but you can't.
I'm sitting here with tears staining my cheeks
Wishing I could of said goodbye.
Even though I had never met your mother before last night,
I gave her a hug for you<3

Rest In Paridise Danyel
We all miss you
April 2, 1997 - August 25,2012


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Last night was his funeral The last night I'd ever see that

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momentsinlife · 7 years ago
im so sorry :( what happened? :/
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wonderstruck25 · 7 years ago
I'm so sorry for your loss. If you need anything or anyone to talk to I'm here. Keep your head up, he would want to see you smiling. Things will get better. I promise. :)
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