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Remember Me.

**Chapter 20**

“We got that covered” I say. “Okay… That sounds fun…” Ashley agrees unsure. We all run out of the school before teachers see us and we hop into Ashley’s car. We arrived at the tattoo parlor shortly after. “You ladies are under 18 years of age and need consent signatures from your parents or legal guardians” a huge bald guy with a bunch of tattoos states as he hands us each a paper. “Sure thing, we will be back later after they sign; thanks!” I reply. “Shouldn’t you three be in school?” He questions as we are leaving. “Nope! Teacher day, so we have it off!” Jenni yells back as we exit. We get into the car and drive down the road to McDonalds. We each order and sit down. I forge my mother’s signature easily. Jenni does the same on hers. Ashley sits there with a pen very shaky. “Can you forge?” Jenni asks. “No, I never have…” “Do you have anything in your bag that one of your parents has signed?” I ask. “Umm.. I don’t think so…. Actually, yes! I do. My mother wrote me a check this morning to pay off a book I lost! Here!” She hands me the check and I study the signature. The form was kind of see-through, so I put the check underneath and traced the signature. It looked perfect! “Here.” I say as I hand her both the check and the consent form. We finish eating and about an hour later we arrived back at the parlor. The same guy was there. “Get signatures?” He asks right off. “Yes, we did!” Jenni says excitedly. “So, what are you guys getting for ink today?” He asks. We all stand there looking through books of tattoos before we decide. We all plan to surprise each other. We all come out of the rooms and show each other. We all loved each other’s. My tattoo says ‘free yourself’ with a feather that has birds flying out from it. It’s located on the back of my right shoulder. Ashley’s tattoo is the words ‘Believe in Yourself’ on her left wrist. And Jenni’s tattoo was the most outrageous out of all of ours. It went all the way from her ribs to her hip on her right side. It is black and consists of stems and roses. It’s beautiful. I love all of the tattoos we got. I just cant wait for our parents to see them! Sarcasm. We thank the guy and exit to the car. Ashley drops Jenni and I off and then goes home. Jenni and I just chill until my parents home. Then, we ran upstairs and took turns to take showers. Jenni took hers first. Then, I took one. I put on a tank and shorts and put my hair up in a bun. My mother barges in and I didn’t think much of it. But, my tattoo was showing… “What is that!!!!!” She yells. “You better hope that I find out this is only sharpie!!!!!” She yells more. “Mom…” “Oh my god.” She says starting to cry and drops the laundry basket. She runs off to her room. For once I feel guilty of my rebellion.


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Remember Me. **Chapter 20** “We got that covered”

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xolimegreenxo101 · 9 years ago
i love jenni's tat i want something like that when i get older
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