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Hey wittians.
I just wanted to say goodbye.  At least maybe some of you will read this. and maybe you'll even feel something.. 
I've recently lost the love of my life.. 
I cant cope with this.. i've been trying for the last 4 weeks but its too hard. Its too much pain. 
I cant deal. 
I love him. He's my everything and he's my best friend. He's all i have. But i dont have anything now. 
he doesnt want me. 
i cant live with the feeling of not being wanted by the only person i truly care about.
im never going to be good enough.
so tonight..
i've decided im going to end my life. 

I love you Ryan ♥
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Hey wittians. I just wanted to say goodbye. At least maybe some

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ramonesequalslovee · 9 years ago
I'm not going to sit here and tell you not to do this and that's it's stupid, because let's be honest here, we've all thought about it before. I can't say that I know exactly how you feel right now, but I've lost people that I loved before too. And I didn't want to have to live anymore. It felt more painful to live than die. But I tried once and came so close to losing my life and it scared me so much. The idea of leaving all those people who care about me made me hysterical. Even if it was only five people that cared, it was still five people that I never wanted to see hurt. If one guy didn't want you, there will be others. It's going to take a lot of time to get over him and I can't tell you that it's going to be easy. But I can tell you that there is at least 1 person who will help you get through this, and that person's me. I may not know you or your story, but I'm a good listener and I have had my heart broken before. I will sit and listen to you for hours and hours until you feel better. I promise you that things will start to get better and that you'll make another best friend and meet another guy and everything will change. You have to give yourself a chance to make things better instead of giving up. Have hope love<3
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McKenzie8463 · 9 years ago
Please don't. If you need to talk, I'll be here. You have so much ahead of you, and you'll never get to see what it is if you kill yourself now. Stay strong, gorgeous. <3
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1Dhomie · 9 years ago
Your good enough your beautiful your perfect I promise if it ended that dramaticly you dont want him back pleasseeee Dont end it People love you remember suicides a crime not to put more on your shoulders to think about but Im pretty sure when your older you probably will want to say to your kids and family yepp i got over him and met your husband. Not That you almost comminted a crime its just one step closer to happy ever after <3 I love you
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xnataleex829 · 9 years ago
Please don't do it!!! please don't, it may seem like a great option to help you but it's not At all. don't kill yourself over this. think of it as just a bump in the rode, and your car broke down. it's not gonna go back to normal in the matter of a couple minutes. you may be stranded in the middle of no where, but someone will find you. I promise. then they will help you get back on the rode of recovery. with them, not by yourself. Please don't end you're life over this please don't. love youxx
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Jvcheerbabe · 9 years ago
no stop, dont, you are good enough. your beautiful, and look at all these people, they all want you alive. think about what your friends, or family would see when they walk into your room in the morning, and they see a dead body on the floor. they will be crushed.
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j9ksr · 9 years ago
Please don't hurt/kill yourself over a boy. I know right now....this seems like the end of the world...like your heart literally doesn't beat anymore....but girlfriend.....you WILL get past this. I hope you can still accept that you guys are friends (you did say he is your best friend), and appreciate that he is still in your life. I hope you are okay as you are reading this. Maybe write your anger down...your feelings and pain down....and go to sleep. Or if you need to punch something punch your pillow (while it's on your bed). Or cry....just cry. But don't....DO NOT end your life. WE ALL GO THROUGH THIS and y'know what....we're ok. :)
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lindseypaiva_xox · 9 years ago
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Hammy1117 · 9 years ago
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bubbles423 · 9 years ago
dont do it! read all the comments , your life is more important ! everyone is trying to tell you that!
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ICONiac · 9 years ago
No please don't. You have a lot to live for! Just stay strong and I promise you can get through this.
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soccerxgirlx97 · 9 years ago
I know how hard it is to lose someone but trust me killing your self is not worth it. Please don't do it! If you need someone to talk to I'm here. But PLEASE DO NOT END YOUR LIFE!!!! Stay strong!
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secrets_truth · 9 years ago
No! Please DO NOT! You have your own life to live, you'll find someone else I swear! You dont need him! PLEASE PLEASE don't KILL yourself, you are important, God made you for a reason, you will do great things unless you kill yourself! Please, just talk to me, leave a comment on my profile any time, I will always respond. Just Don't Do It!
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Soccerchic15 · 9 years ago
No, please don't do it! Please please please ♥
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bluebaby9632 · 9 years ago
Do not do it. You have sooooo much to live for. You are important. You are hear for a reason and there is always someone there for you. I am here!!!! Please do not kill yourself!!!!!
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soccergrl3 · 9 years ago
DONT DO IT! PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEE DONT!! i promise you things will get better, you will find someone else i swear, please stay
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N30NC4T · 9 years ago
I know that you are going through a lot of pain right now, but if you kill yourself, think about your family and friends feelings. Your mom and dad would feel terrible, they would think that they failed you and that your death is their fault because they didn't realize how much pain you were in. Your friends would be beyond upset and they would feel like a part of their heart was ripped out of their chest. Please, don't do this. Think about your friend and families feeling before you do this. I know that this is the easy way out, but you NEED to be strong. Be strong for me, and everyone on this website. We ALL love you, and you don't need to do this.
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flossydossy · 9 years ago
DON'T! Please I'm begging you please you have so much to live for! Life seems tough now but it will get better, one day when you have a husband and kids you'll look back on this and think why you could have even thought of suicide when your this happy now
That will happen one day I promise but for now LIVE
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RussianXBeauty · 9 years ago
You're a beautiful young girl who has so much to live for. You don't have to end your life over a guy it's not worth it. Everything may seem so hard now but trust me it will get better. I've been in your shoes and I know it's tough but it's not worth ending your life over. You're so beautiful and if you go it'll hurt so many people. So please don't do anything to hurt yourself or others because time will past by and everything will be okay :) So stay strong gorgeous and I'm always here if you wanna talk <3
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iluhyoux · 9 years ago
OH GOD PLEASE NO ._. I JUST GOT ON TO MAKE SURE THAT I DIDN'T MISS ANY OF YOUR CHAPTERS AND I SEE THIS? GIRL, I LOVE YOU. YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE ME HANGING! You are such an amazing writer, I lost the love of my life too, but THINGS GET BETTER. they do, and if you do somethin like this I will miss you, I can't tell you not to because that's not my choice to make but i can try to talk you out of it.
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RandomSmileyFace · 9 years ago
Dont! Im sure he would like to see u with another boy that makes u as happy as he did! The Eartth doesnt need to loose another beautiful person 2day.
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